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Couldn’t connect to Workspace Join. Try again, or contact your admin


Last Updated on February 18, 2023 by GrahamWalsh

Have you ever come across this error when trying to sign into your Microsoft Teams Android based device? Couldn’t connect to Workspace Join. Try again, or contact your admin. I might have the answer for you.

What this means is that the user you have used to sign in has reached the device limit in Intune/Endpoint Manager. To clear this issue, simply log into Endpoint Manager at and find the user in question.

Remember with Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android, if you have a Bar and Pad, this will actually be 2 devices signed in and will could to the 50 device limit.

Endpoint Manager Users
Endpoint Manager – Users

Once you have found the user, then head over to Devices as per below.

Endpoint Manager Devices
Select Devices for the User

Now we can see the issue. We have hit the 50-device limit per user.

Endpoint Manager Device Limit
Device Limit per user in Intune

Now what we need to do is either delete the ones you don’t need, but seeing as this is my test tenant, I am going to select all and delete.

Deleting Endpoint Manager Device entries for users.
Deleting entries in Intune

And that is it, try signing in again and you should be fine

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