Microsoft Teams Devices Ask Me Anything

Welcome to the landing page of the MTDAMA. Previously known as MTRAMA, meaning Microsoft Teams Room Ask Me Anything, we’ve decided to evolve the session name to include other Microsoft Teams Devices as we discussed them all the time anyway.

Below we will host the slides used during the session along the Q&A submitted during each session.

EMEA/NA Show Hosts

EMEA/NA Hosts – Graham Walsh, Jimmy Vaughan and Michael Tressler

APAC Show Hosts

APAC Hosts – Graham Walsh, Phil Clapham, Andrew Higgs, Craig Chiffers and Justin O’Meara

Feel free to ask any questions either directly to myself, or anyone else via the Twitter hashtag #MTDAMA

Episode 29 APAC – Wednesday 17th August 2022 – 05:00am Oslo / 09:30am Mumbai / 11:00am Singapore / 1pm Sydney

To register for the next session in APAC, simply click this link

This session is live from Integrate AU, so visit any of the OEM booths and join the session, such as Jabra, Logitech, Neat, Dicker Data etc.

Work out your time zone here for the APAC session.

Episode 29 EMEA/NA – Wednesday 17th August 2022 – 3:30pm UK/10:30am EST / 0830am MT

To register for the next session in EMEA/NA, simply click this link

This session will be live from CommsVNext in Denver, CO, so feel free to find Michael Tressler and join in live.

Work out your time zone here for the EMEA/NA session.

Slides and Q&A from past episodes

Episode 28 – July 2022

Episode 27 – June 2022

Episode 26 – May 2022

Episode 25 – April 2022

Episode 24 – March 2022

Episode 23 – February 2022

Episode 22 – January 2022
Episode 21 – December 2021
Episode Twenty – November 2021
Episode Nineteen – October 2021
Episode Eighteen – September 2021
Episode Seventeen – August 2021
Episode Sixteen – July 2021
Episode Fifteen – June 2021
Episode Fourteen – May 2021
Episode Thirteen – April 2021
Episode Twelve – March 2021
Episode Eleven – February 2021
Episode Ten – January 2021
Episode Nine – December 2020
Episode Eight – November 2020
Episode Seven – October 2020
Episode Six – September 2020
Episode Five – August 2020
Episode Four – July 2020
Episode Three – June 2020
Episode Two – May 2020
Episode One – April 2020
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