MTDAMA Episode 34 – January 2023


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Here is the Q&A from Episode 34

Q. ETA for Neat Pad to work as a touch console with the Neat Board?
A. Available in Stable release as of this week. Here’s a video guide on setting it up

Q. Anyone joining video while in a room?
A. We have users who encourage their whole team to take their laptop into a room and all turn on their video so the remote participants can properly see the video of all people who are in the room.

Q. Does anyone know if the MTR on Android is not going to allow Personal Account logins slated to end around June 23? I thought MSFT was not locked into that decision.
A. Yes, it will be locked and from June 30th, no personal accounts allowed to sign in to shared devices (even when in private spaces).

Q. How would I get all the devices via Graph API?
A. Get-MgBetaTeamworkDevice -all would list all devices via Powershell graph SDK. If you are using module Microsoft.Graph.Beta.Teams (2.0.0-preview2) here

Q. Is Intelliframe for MTR-W currently in TAP and when will it be GA? When will Intelliframe come for MTR-A?
A. It’s been published for Jabra Panacast 50 cameras on MTR-W. No mention of when MTR-A will come. However, the cloud version will take care of that too

Q. What Occ Sensors are supported today for pairing w/ teams panels for indicating room usage? We previously implemented Crestron occ sensors and teams panels but learned the integration at the time relied on using the Crestron scheduling app display vs Teams panel display.  Unsure if the newer teams panels software has been updated to fix this.
A1. It’s just a Yealink one for the moment.
A2. I wonder if we’ll see sensors in Bars in the future provide this functionality.
A3. The question is about usage. Yealink supports auto check in, Realtime detection if the room is used, and temperature etc
A4. Crestron Occ sensor is PoE and reports directly to the panel. So it it is just a firmware update away imho

Q. I think the question when more data insights will come in TAC for example?
A. My guess this data would be enabled in Microsoft Places, when available.

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