MTDAMA Episode 30 – September 2022

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Last Updated on October 24, 2022 by GrahamWalsh

Welcome to the summary of episode 30 of MTDAMA for September. A quiet month as we are gearing up for Microsoft Ignite in October with a plan for a whole host of news.

Slides from EP30

Q&A from EP30

Q. Here’s one I’ve been hearing a lot: If I have an x30 with the collab bar and TC8 – do I need pro to sign both devices in?
A. No, the standard license covers both the Bar and Controller. If you try and add a Teams Panel, you’ll get an error as per below

Error when adding a Teams Panel with a Basic license

Q. My only question is about whether a room with just a Teams Panel needs a Basic or Pro licence, as I’ve heard conflicting info. I am aware a new licence for this scenario is supposedly in the pipeline, but wondering for the present, not for the future.
A. Common Area Phone license will be renamed Teams Shared Device License which can be used for Panels when used in a space where there is no Pro license or a Basic free license. Cost will be around $8 USD (based on current CAP license price). Available towards the end of the calendar year.

Q. Is there a comparison on the licenses?
A. Yes, more details here

Q. I was made aware that the current MTR MS portal support team is being shifted in under unified support. If not using a 3rd party partner, is the correct process after 01/10/22 to escalate issues through unified support?
A. Correct, standard support models will apply after 01/10/22

Q. Are there any plans to merge the Teams admin center and MTR MS portal?
A. We understand that is the plan but could take up to 12-24 months.

Q. Also, any plans to build further functionality around MTD management such as deploying custom wallpapers from a portal, etc rather than custom methods?
A1. We would hope that is becomes available. It is critical for scale. Could be done via Azure/Intune today, but quite complex.
A2. We are considering a scheduled task to copy the xml daily and have the image file on a network share

Q. Any updates on the audio pass through on the MTRoA HDMI ingest?
A. Nothing official as yet, believe it is being worked on for the near future.

Q. Anyone seen MTRoA dual screen duplicate rather than extend?
A. Never seen that happen. I would escalate to the OEM

Q. Just wanting to see better management and configuration around Windows MTR’s. I asked last MTDAMA about Autopilot and the answer was that it’s coming in approx 8 months. Deployment is pretty manual.
A. Shane mentioned that he uses a PS script locally on the device for setting NTP, firewall settings, proxy etc

Q. How are Microsoft Teams app update done for MTROA with Basic licensing since there is no access to “details/health” in TAC?
A. The documentation indicates that auto updates will be available, so guess the devices will update automatically as you won’t be able to control with tags/rings. This is what shows in TAC today (October) with a Basic license.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Updates as of October

You can still see Health information with a Basic license (well in October 2022 you can

Teams Room on Android health status with a basic license

Q. Do we know yet how licensing will be handled for room panels on non-MTR rooms and for conference phones?
A. The Common Area Phone license will be renamed Teams Room Shared Device license which can be used for shared devices such as Teams Panels and Teams Displays. If you have a Pro room license, then you won’t need this if you have a MTR in that space. Only for use with Basic MTR licenses or where there is not a MTR in that space.

Q. The client I work for days they’re on a multi-year contract that was just renewed in August for like 3 years – I don’t know enough about the licensing back end, so will they have Teams Room standard for three years or are they confused about how MS sets up those licenses?
A. That client will have the Standard license and feature set for the next 3 years. There are rumours of an upgrade license if they want to get the new features that will be released for Pro users.

Q. What date is the personal login stopping?
A. This is scheduled for 30th June 2023.

Q. Guys, what does remote management means here? PS and/or SkypeSettings.xml also?
A. I would expect remote settings such as the XML config.

Q. Any info about DGJ with Basic?
A. Yes, DGJ will be included in the Basic license

Q. A little feedback: one CU complained about ppl reserving a VIP room using the panel. The Rooms has a delegate… any feature coming to block this ability?
A. The ability to disable walk up and reserve is in Update 3 of Teams Panels today.

Q. Should I run down with Logitech or was there an MTR update that changed echo cancellation logic around the June-ish timeline? One of our larger rooms has pretty poor acoustics, but prior to June, the echo cancellation logic took care of it.
A. There was a new Noise Suppression setting for MTRoW. Check that first here.

Q. Has anyone experienced a global change to your devices where the Front Row was set to default and then overnight it reverted to gallery? I had 68 devices that did this. I have a ticket in, curious if anyone else had this happen?
A. Just an update. I got off a support call on this issue. There is a known bug about setting default front row – stays in Gallery view – with a future fix in a later release of the App, end of this year or early 2023. Just a note for ref, I am on GCC. I don’t know if this impacts commercial tenants.

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