What’s new in Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows 4.14 Update


Last Updated on August 26, 2022 by GrahamWalsh

Hot on the heels of the most recent release of Microsoft Teams Rooms 4.13 app, which I detailed here, we have app version 4.14 coming very soon. This is documented in the Microsoft Message Center under ID MC420056.

The main are as follows:

  • Front row experience update
  • Pin and hide the room video
  • Turn off split gallery with XML setting
  • 18 videos support for dual display Teams rooms

Front Row Update

Front Row has been out for 8 months now, and Microsoft is now giving different options based on the screen format. It was designed initially to be used with 21:9 format displays, but many customers have the normal 16:9 screens and do not want to change them.

First up is single display mode with screens with displays narrower than 21:9. You now can remove the Loop components that used to be on the left-hand side. In addition, the content resolution is now bigger, but the gallery height of the people is now slightly smaller. See below

Front Row Single Screen 16:9 Format

Front of Room displays with 21:9 or wider aspect ratio now have bigger content too, but like the single screen, the video gallery is slightly smaller to get the correct aspect ratio for the content. See below

Single Display 21:9 with larger content

The same applies to dual displays as well, see below

Dual Screen setup

These new sizing of the displays on Front Row can now also be set by the XML config file. The default is medium, but can be changed.


Pin and Hide Room Video

Room users can now pin or hide room video on the front of room display. In-room participants can control these options by selecting the room from the roster on the console.

Hide or Pin local video on the Front of Room Display

Disable Split Gallery on Dual Displays

This was asked on our last MTDAMA session, was there a way to disable split gallery. This is especially useful if you have a front of room display and then a side display for content. This can now be changed via XML


18 videos support for dual display Teams rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms with dual front of room displays can now show up to 18 video participants (3×3 on each screen) when there is no content shared in the meeting. This is an increase in the number of incoming videos from 10 to 18 and allows in-room users to have immersive video conferencing experience for meetings with more video participants. Room users can pin or spotlight up to 9 video participants on one screen while viewing the others on the 2nd screen when there is no content in the meeting.

If your meeting has more than 18 video participants, the existing Together mode and large gallery layouts will continue to work and support up to 50 video participants.

Dual Display with 18 people

All these features will be available in a few weeks once testing has been validated.

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