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Last Updated on August 23, 2022 by GrahamWalsh

Want to learn about what is new in MTRoW Well it has now been released and there are some new features you need to be aware of and test as soon as possible.

Here are the official release notes. I’ll reuse the bullet points and explain each feature.

  • Join Teams meeting using meeting ID
  • End-to-end encryption for one-to-one Teams calls
  • Noise suppression in Teams meetings
  • Share tray experience update
  • Mute and unmute status on your room video
  • Admin setting for content only layout default
  • Modern authentication is on by default

Join Teams meeting using meeting ID

This is a much-needed feature. This has been on the desktop and mobile client a little while, there’s even a browser page too at aka.ms/joinmeeting where you don’t even need a client. On the MTR console, it is hidden, so you must press More and then you see Join with an ID. Just pop in your credentials and you can join a meeting without having the invite. Remember you can still use Proximity Join which is probably easier, but that might depend on federation status too.

Join with an ID
Enter a meeting ID to join another meeting

This will be available shortly as it is still in the early testing phases with Microsoft public testers, aka TAP. Should be available in a few weeks.

End-to-end encryption for one-to-one Teams calls

This must be enabled in the room accounts policy first via TAC or via PowerShell.

Noise suppression in Teams meetings

This was released in the preview version via an admin override using XML config, now users can change the settings if required. This allows them to adjust the room if it’s more noisy than usual.

Noise suppression settings during a call

Share tray experience update

When you go to share your HDMI connection, it now looks a little different. The main issue here is that this is also a web services, so if you are on 4.9/4.10/4.11/4.12 builds, you will also see this new experience.

When I press the Share Content icon, I now am presented with this screen. It tells me nothing is plugged and it is all greyed out.

Sharing Content with nothing plugged in

Now when I have an active source, I can see HDMI is connected and lit up.

Active HDMI Connection

What I must do next is select HDMI connected and then press Share. AS you will see, it will put a border around the HDMI box and the Share button lights up.

Sharing actual content

Here is what it looks like when you have a content camera connected too. Basically select one source, that will light up with a border and then click Share.

Sharing with HDMI and Content Camera
Sharing Source selected and ready to Share

Mute and unmute status on your room video

I’ve still not got around to testing this, so will update this piece when I can.

Admin setting for content only layout default

This has been one of my biggest requests to date. When you have a single screen system, then someone shares content, it goes full screen, you do not see the people. Now via the XML config, you can set the default to be Content + People. There are two options in the XML

Modern authentication is on by default

Modern Authentication has been around for a while now and with Exchange Online removing Basic Authentication in a few months’ time (October 1st), it is really time to ensure you are able to authenticate to Microsoft Teams and Exchange Online with Modern Auth, otherwise the devices won’t sign in and get their calendar and login to Teams. Microsoft recommend testing this by the end of August 2022.

Thanks for reading, that’s the news on the latest update. Let me know if you have any questions.

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