MTDAMA Episode 29 – August 2022

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Welcome to the summary of episode 29 of MTDAMA for August. We were live in two locations, firstly in Sydney at Integrate and then in Deven at CommsvNext. We also had a guest speaker from Microsoft, Greg Baribault.

Slides from Episode 29

Greg presenting from Microsoft

Q&A from Episode 29

Q: Is there a plan to use facial recognition to identify the user?
A. No, no plans for that. Users must enrol in their Microsoft Teams client like they do today for intelligent speakers/microphones.

Q. Will it make use of Windows Hello?
A. No, facial detection will not use Windows Hello as that is tied to a local device.

Q. How does a person who’s not identified by facial recognition get presented in the roster? E.g., “Room Participant 1, 2” etc. ?
A. Correct, just standing naming if there is no one recognised.

Q. What are MS doing to address reliability on MTRoW? Will MS develop a dedicated MTRoW appliance?
A. Microsoft are not looking to develop a MTR of any sorts, just the Surface Hub.

Q. Are there any plans for an improved rebuild or deployment process for MTRs / automated with autopilot perhaps?
A. Autopilot is planned for MTRoW devices, but it is approximately 9 months away at least.

Q. About Front Row resolution… any plans to update it to 4K?
A, No plans for now, still 1080p, however there will be support for 4K displays so you don’t need to downscale to 1080p

Q. Is there a way to kill an update firmware in queue or in progress for an MTR on Android?
A. No there is not a way to kill the process. Only way would be to unplug for seven days, then the job gets cancelled.

Q. I also saw a roadmap update about End-to-End encryption for MTR like for desktop client that is already available today?
A. Yes, it is available on MTRoW devices now

Q. Any discussion happening for the user to be able to switch and select language interface for MTR’s?
A. No, that is not possible, especially on Windows MTRs as it is coded to the OS. You would need to run the PowerShell script to change the language.

Q. Direct Guest Join for Webex on Android – Will it be hindered like Zoom to do the cookie acceptance? (European users)
A. No, I have not seen this in my testing. Here’s a demo

Q. Where is the video with Microsoft and Zoom talking about Interop?
A. Here is the video session.

Q. Teams Panels? Any cool bits to mention?
A. The latest update was Update 3, that had room check out, extend reservation, hide walk up and reserve and pull down to refresh.
A2. Additional note on Panel – many of the newer features are now available on both MTRW and MTRA systems

Q. Any plans to update the touch experience in MTR on Windows other than Whiteboard?
A. No plans that we are aware of. On MTRoA devices such as Neat Board, you can advance the slides

Q. When will the user sign in feature in the whiteboard service on MTR be available? like on Surface hub
A. Never

Q. Where can the Logitech TAP IP be used?
A1. TAP IP is for Android systems only
A2. Also, HDMI ingest is not on TAP IP, goes to Bar or Roommate box instead

Q. I’m unable to test intelligent speaker (sennheiser), while using demo tenant, i can’t see “Recognition” tab in Teams client setting for enrolling participant. what can be the issue.
A. Make sure that your Teams language is set to English. You can enroll your voice profile in EN-US, EN-GB, EN-CA, EN-AU, IE (Indian English), or NZE (New Zealand English).

Q. How can we read log files better?
A. Well back in Episode Four, Luke from Logitech went through a session. See the slides here.

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