MTDAMA Episode 32 – November 2022


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Q&A From Episode 32

Q: Great to see ‘Breakout Room on MTR-A’ coming in Jan 2023 but when is this coming to MTR-W please?
A. No idea on dates for this until it hits the public roadmap. It did work once before but then stopped.

Q. Anyone using Surface Hub2S – in GCC? Wondering what roadmap is for Whiteboard to work bi-directionally? I believe it is working on commercial tenants.
A. GCC is usually 3-6 months behind commercial tenants.

Q. Is there a roadmap/timeframe for starting whiteboard from MTRoA – such as Neat Board or Yealink Meeting Board 65? Sorry if i missed this, had to step away for a moment.
A. This is now in the public roadmap, due December 2023 in Update 3 app – Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365

Q. Where is the Teams Room Tech Talk site?
A. All videos are here Teams Rooms Tech Talk – YouTube

Q. Is there any roadmap plan to integrate other VTC vendors with the WebRTC console like Zoom/Webex
A. BlueJeans and GoTo is planned to come in 2023.

Q. Did you speak to “Fit to Frame” for Android and or Windows room devices when/availability?
A. Fit to Frame was released for MTR-A devices in Update 2B for Neat devices to show 16:9 so when Neat Symmetry is on, it is seen by everyone. Windows desktop support this too as well as room to room.

Q. I might have missed this, what is this option? I’m not in front of an MTR so can’t test: “Turn off individual camera feeds”

MTR-W Center of Room Console – Turn of individual camera feeds

This does not seem to do anything today, there is no mention of it anywhere, so I’ve asked the Microsoft Product Managers.

Q. When will the AI and analytics of Pro be available for android?
A. Public roadmap is saying December 2022 Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365

Q. Have you heard if Cisco webinar will be supposed for room devices? I can confirm, live events and webinar(obviously) works for Teams room and Cisco Meetings work just fine, just the Cisco Webinars’ do not yet.
A. Guess that is a question for Cisco. May require the Webex room license

Q. Is there any info on API between Webex Control Hub and TAC / MTR Pro portal?
A. Nothing announced as of yet.

Q. Is it possible to update Proximity settings via TAC for Android devices in config configuration?
A. No, TAC is missing some settings, hope they will come next year.

Q. Where can I find Power BI Quality of Experience Reports?
A. They can be downloaded here

Q. Where can I find the MTR-A Security document?
A. It can be viewed here

Q. Do your Neat devices utilize digital signage?
A1. No, not today. If the App supports it, then Neat does.
A2. Poly X30/X50 are able to link to AppSpace

Q. Proximity join needs Bluetooth enabled. Casting does it need Bluetooth as well?
A. Yes it requires it as well, but it’s not used to transfer data, just for discoverability

Q. Any talk of getting 1080p support for select user streams, such as the organizer, for recording and ultimately better native lecture capture in Higher Ed?
A. Not heard of anything on this.

Q. How are you engaging customer feedback for issues/concerns for meeting rooms?
A1. You have the feedback / rate a call afterwards. You could also use a Teams Panel and develop an app
A2. You could scan exchange or the call records API to see meetings involving X room and survey them after the meeting via email or bot
A3. 3rd Party Device –

Q. Hi all, during the session today we talked about the whiteboarding issues with MTRoAndroid/MTRonWindows. Since the licensing change per 1 September we see a lot of cases with this message: whiteboarding in progress for now only members of this org can participate. Anybody knows how to solve this? Most cases are with MTRonAndroid (Yealink) and Teams Rooms Pro license?
A. Not sure if this would be of help but we came across similar message and Set-SPOTenant -AllowAnonymousMeetingParticipantsToAccessWhiteboards On worked for us even though it is not an ideal solution also note our environment is MTRoW and Standard license

Q. Are they letting you upgrade without any cost on the Crestron side from Phone to Teams Display?
A. You have to contact Crestron to get the update. You can’t upgrade via TAC like you could with Lenovo ThinkDisplay

Q. Is Hotdesking available on all vendor display devices?
A. It is planned for Crestron and Neat device and Yealink once released/certified. You will also need the Update 4 app and a Teams Shared Device License (or Common Area Phone license).

Q. Any news on when content ingest audio will be working for MTRoA?
A. Hopefully we’ll see it early next year.

Q. How do we install the PowerBI templates?
A. Steps to install the reports Graham is talking about (QER)

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