MTDAMA Episode 40 – August 2023

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Last Updated on October 11, 2023 by GrahamWalsh

Thanks to you all for joining us in August for episode 40. Below are the slides and any Q&A during the session.

Slides from Episode 40

Q&A from Episode 40

Q. Spatial Audio working for anyone?
A. Yes, Spatial Audio is working for me.  Jimmy on the left, Graham on the right.  Tom is in stereo. Using a Sound Bar connected to MTR.

Q. How do we get a demo tenant to test with?
A. For Microsoft partners on the call you can access this portal

Q. I’m curious to know what the balance of deployments looks like between MTRoW and MTRoA?
A1. MSFT don’t release any numbers, it’s a commonly asked question
A2. It was a general query to the group that I didn’t word it very well.  Those doing deployments are doing mostly MTRoW, MTRoA or a little of both?
A3. We are hearing sales of new devices are now around 50/50.

Q. Will Microsoft Places require any other new Microsoft license? Or, will it be limited to certain user licenses only?
A. That bit we don’t know yet. Maybe be included in Teams Premium or Co Pilot licensing, just a guest.

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