MTDAMA Episode 41 – September 2023

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Thanks for joining us this month. Below are the slide and Q&A from the session.

Slides from September

Q&A from September

Q. With the Yealink Smart Vision 60, do other rooms see the panoramic video?
A. No, only the Teams v1 desktop clients see this layout.

Q. When will IntilliFrame come to MTR-A devices?
A. There is already a flavour there today, done by the OEMs, known as IntelliFrame Edge. It is planned that the individual frames will be available on MTR-A just like they are with SV60 and Jabra Panacast on MTR-W.

Q. Any timeframe for MTR-A IntelliFrame?
A. None known at present.

Q. Which takes precedence in terms of framing: IntelliFrame or the vendor framing tools (Logi Right sight for example)?
A. If the camera has intelligent framing capabilities, then Cloud IntelliFrame will not be offered.

Q. Can IntelliFrame be enabled/disabled by desktop users?
A. People on Teams Desktop can also toggle IntelliFrame on/off by right clicking on the Room video tile and selecting ‘Turn off IntelliFrame’. This switches off the IntelliFrame view just on their Teams client

Q. What happens when the room switches off IntelliFrame?
A1. People in the Room can disable IntelliFrame by using in-meeting settings on the console. This turns off IntelliFrame and switches back to standard view for the Room. All online attendees would then see the standard view from the respective Room
A2. For the SmartVision 60 center of room camera you then switch to active speaker tracking of 1 person full screen

Q. Microsoft Teams Android Devices will receive a firmware update in 1H 2024, which can be deferred for up to 90 days from first availability. After that the firmware update, will move devices from Android device administrator to Android AOSP management. 
A. Yes, this is known as nGMS that OEMs are working on with Microsoft.

Q. What roles in AD are needed for the Pro Portal?
A. The Pro Portal doesn’t take any roles, so users will need Global Admin rights.

Q. Do the legacy MTR licenses work for stacking, (Premium etc)?
A. License stacking can use Standard/Premium and Pro licensing. Just can’t stack a Basic license.

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