MTDAMA Episode 39 – July 2023

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Thanks all for joining MTDAMA Episode 39 session. Below is the slide deck and then the Q&A captured.

Slides from Episode 39

Q&A from Episode 39

Q. How can I setup a demo/test tenant?
A. If you are a Microsoft partner, then you can spin up test tenants via

Q. Where can I get the Net Promotor Score data?
A. You can’t, you will have to open a support ticket with Microsoft to request the data.

Q. What is the issue with proxies and Windows 11?
A. With Windows 11, the MTR is unable to reach the Teams Room Pro portal. Here is a workaround Teams Rooms and Devices | Empowering.Cloud

Q. With face enrolment, is the data stored within our O365 tenant, our Azure tenant, or somewhere else? Need some formal MS doc I can refer our data privacy team and security team to before they will let me switch it on!
A. Some good context here, it will be be O365 data. However, it is US only at present.

Q. Does anyone in a normal production ring have 4.17 yet?  I’m in preview and still waiting.  did the roll out get halted
A. I know the Teams Room Pro portal team stopped rollout of it due to proxy issues, but everyone else should have it unless it has been paused on a wider scale, which could be very well likely.

Q. Is the meeting recap in real-time? I thought it was after the meeting was over?
A. Meeting Recap which is part of Teams Premium licensing is after the meeting, it goes through the transcript.  If I said someone’s name, it notes that in a special section. On the other hand, Copilot is live during the meeting I understand.

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