MTDAMA EP28 – July 2022


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Here are the slides from episode 28 along with the Q&A from the EMEA and APAC sessions. Thanks all for joining and contributing this month. See you in August, LIVE!!

Slides from the session

Q&A from the sessions

Q. Is anyone aware of any plans for room controls on MTRoA devices? Doesn’t seem to be on any roadmaps that I’ve seen?
A. Poly do an integration with Extron on MTRoA, swipe out from the right-hand side to get the Poly menu.

Q. Join by meeting ID, is this on MTRs?
A. Yes, coming to Windows based MTRs first in the next release. Any user can now use and not have to install anything.

Q. Best place on slide to keep open for Cameo/Stand out Presenter?
A.  See below for an example from Michael

Q. Android Troubleshooting Guide that Graham mentioned?
A. Here is the guide for this troubleshooting doc.

Q. Do you have a link for the top 5 sessions at Microsoft Inspire?
A. Tom put one together here

Q. Does join by meeting id allow joining external Teams meetings (when orgs are not federated)?
A. According to Ilya on Twitter, yes it does.

Q. When do you expect the Teams admin settings for Android devices (MTR-A, Teams Panels, Teams IP Phones, MTR All in one devices like Yealink MeetingBoard) will be in TAC like for MTR-W?
A. They are controlled via Configuration Profiles today. Just need to be expanded to include all the new features

Q, What is everyone’s return to office capacity looking like as of July 2022?
A1. We have a pretty even mix.
A2. If your in the UK, and the office is air conditioned, everyone wants to be back in the office this week
A3. Lots of people are locked into long term leases so need to use that investment
A4. I was told by our Estates team the other day that whilst some offices have up to 50% of people back, it is currently at about 20% across the whole business.
A5. Going back to the office is not a go back and be tied to the desk full time. It will be go to the office if you want to meet with someone face to face in a meeting space.
A6. That’s why businesses are removing desks and making more meeting spaces. In rooms, but also in spaces that are not obvious meeting spaces
A7. Someone cynical might think that an organisation’s response to “return to office” is strongly linked to the amount of real estate ownership.
A8. Tesla may be thinking differently!!!
A9. More equipped meeting spaces creates an excuse to go back to an office sometimes
A10. One of the reasons we now call them “meeting spaces” instead of “meeting rooms”
A11. 30% of our office (1400) are back in the office on a regular basis, personally only when there is a specific reason to be in, Room System related mainly, or today to enjoy AirCon. Ironically, key reason for people not going in is not enough meeting spaces
A12. There is also a government element in the UK, the retail around office is dying – as no-one is going for a coffee and a sandwich (although they can’t afford it anyway)

Q. Is there a whitepaper or similar on the exact items for that configuration of Enhanced Meeting Rooms?
A. Yes available here, here and here from Microsoft.

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