MTDAMA Episode 33 – December 2022


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Q&A From Episode 33

Q. What is the link for the Devices Deployment Playbook?
A. Available here

Q. Any idea how folks are managing Teams Phones (desk phones). As the calendar now appears on the desk phone and anyone can walk up and see the calendar (subject line, attendees) is there an option to disable the calendar or you have to add a password/timeout to the desk phone?
A. Set a PIN for the user account on the phone.

Q. Another question about Teams desk phone, does Intune configuration policies take precedence over TAC policies, i.e. screen timeout lock, password requirement, etc?
A. The Intune Configuration Profiles do different things than the TAC Configuration Profiles. Most of the settings in the Intune Configuration Profiles will not work with our Teams devices. We do not recommend using them on the Teams devices. As specially anything having to do with passwords. Intune will try to push a password at the operating system level, which we can’t do on our Teams devices. We can only set a PIN number at the Teams App level on our devices

Q. What is the link for the Teams Phone Devices Playbook?
A. Here it is

Q. Where are the release notes for the Update 4 on Teams Panels?
A. Release note are here

Q. What is the link for the new ROI Calculator?
A. Available here

Q. What are the version numbers for MTR-A Versions?
A. Update 2B is 1449/ and Update 3 is 1449/

Q. Where are the release notes for MTR-A Update 3?
A. Available here What’s new in Microsoft Teams devices – Microsoft Support

Q. How do I ensure my users and devices can view the Whiteboards?
A. Follow this guide here

Q. How does the Yealink Room Sensor connect back to the Yealink Panel?
A. Connects over Bluetooth

Q. Does it count people or just a motion sensor?
A. Just an occupancy sensor

Q. Where can I find details on the new Microsoft Places?
A. Places partner list on this page: Introducing Microsoft Places: Turn your spaces into places | Microsoft 365 Blog

Teams Devices Playbook

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