MTDAMA Episode 35 – February 2023

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Slides from Episode 35

Q&A from Episode 35

Q. Where can I see an overview of the new Jabra MTR-A devices?
A. Tom Arbuthnot did an overview here.

Q. Where can I see an overview of the new AudioCodes video devices range?
A. Tom did an overview here.

Q. Andrew Higgs is an Out of Box Experience (OOBE) on Neat Bar and Pad. Where is that?
A. You can view that here.

Neat Bar and Pad deployed within 25 minutes

Q. How can I bring multiple feeds into Teams?
A. I would watch this overview from Steve Goodman on Empowering Cloud here.

Q. Where can I see a comparison of Teams Admin Center, Teams Room Pro Portal and Neat Pulse?
A. Tom and Graham did a recording here.

Q. Where can I view the Mo Monday topics?
A. You can see them here on the Teams Room Tech Talk channel here.

Q. What is the XML flag to control the new UI on MTR-W?
A. It was updated in the Message center ID MC516349 and it is now <TeamsRoomsNewExperience>true</TeamsRoomsNewExperience>. The new experience will be Off by default now when it rolls out in March and completed by end of March.

Q. Is the new layout missing Room Controls?
A. No, it will be there on the home screen as an icon.

Q. So for the 3rd party join for MTR on A we still need to enable from the panel to work correctly?  Since the feature is not available from the TAC or Pro Portal or the Poly UI currently. 
A. That is correct, you must enable it on the device locally. Something like Neat Pulse Remote Control could solve this issue.

Q. Do all devices support PowerPoint Live interaction?
A1. MTR-W does not support PP live touch control, only MTR-A devices
A2. CVI joiners don’t see the presentation at all with PPT live.

Q. Are there any news about Teams devices dashboard for device analytics providing health and usage metrics?  I saw only one info in the roadmap? 
A. All metrics are in the Pro Portal now, so must use a Pro license and not Basic or Standard.

Q. Will 16:9 front row be supported in this MTR-A update or also 21:9 like on MTR-W?
A1. MTR-A is just 16:9 now
A2. Unlikely as many video chips do not offer special resolutions, but possible in theory. Doing 16:9 in 4k is easier to do.

Q. Why are there two bars in your picture showing the Front Row layout?
A1. This is a new setup we are doing with Ashton Bentley so we can switch between Neat Bar and Neat Bar Pro, but also provide a single USB-C cable to the desk, along with power for laptop charging. The single cable allows for content sharing or BYOD at a tap of a button on the table cubby.
A2. It is THE most basic AV challenge for IT people: Knowing the difference between HDMI1 and HDMI2..

Q. For devices like Neat Board, will we be able to put the participant filmstrip on TOP instead of BOTTOM in Front Row?
A. No, not possible.

Q. Anybody aware of the issue with MTR-A with dual screen setup (one touch and one non touch) when you start whiteboard the touchback control on the MTR-A connected touch screen feedback does not work. So, you can only start the whiteboard but not use the touchscreen in the room?
A. It is the responsibility of the OEM to control which screen is setup for touch control. Unfortunately, MTR-A devices do not allow you to switch screens. Poly are working on a setup in their OS to say which screen is the touch screen.

Q. Re: end-of-June licensing change where ‘user accounts’ can no longer be used in MTRs, can a user account still be used for MTRoW and MTRoA if it is also given a Teams Rooms license in addition to its E3/E5/etc?  (Example, Executive offices w/ MTRs)
A. I don’t think we’ll know until the block is put in place as it will probably depend on which order the software reads the license entry.

Q. Where can I find the information on the new App for Windows? Can you share the link (missed it earlier)?
A. It is on the Tech Communiity here. Also available in the Message Center

Q. So this will happen no matter when the renewal of your Enterprise Agreement of your Org?
A. Correct, will happen regardless of your EA agreement. This is blocking the use of Personal accounts on shared devices.

Q. What if the enterprise agreement exceeds 1st of July. We got 500+ Standard licenses…
A. That is fine, Standard licenses will continue to work after 1st July.

Q. I thought you could stack MTR Basic + Shared device for panel? sounds like no?
A. You can use Basic and Shared as the MTR-W/A device will take the Basic license and the Panel will take the Shared Device License.

Q. So, you can have a Panel without a room for shared device license (?)
A1. Adding shared device license to an account with a basic will enable a panel though
A2. Yes.  Panel without an MTR gets a Shared Device License. Panel with an MTR needs the Pro license

Q. Has the Basic License lost features in TAC now?
A. Android rooms with basic can’t even do manual updates from TAC now and no data available. Same with MTR-W. Basic means Basic!!

Q. Spatial audio for MTRoW … coming when?
A1. It is on the public roadmap for the desktop client for May 2023, so I would get 1 or 2 quarters after that.
A2. Info from Harald

Q. Any chance of coordinated join for MTRoA in the near or far future?
A1. It is planned but no idea when.
A2. I would prefer it is more like companion whiteboard in the other meetings platform starting with Z

Q. Doesn’t Yealink have a coordinated join feature? Saw it recently on LinkedIn?
A1. That is for divisible/merged room scenario feature with MTR-W and their appliance – AV Hub.
A2. This is currently in Beta and not GA yet.
A3. AFAIK Yealink routes the AV Devices, means even cameras connected to “the other” AVHub is being redirected to the “local” MTR
A4. AV over IP with one touch in the Room Controller UI on the MTR console

Yealink Custom UI for multi room control
Yealink Multi Room
Yealink / LinkedIn post about AVHUB

Q. Would the AVHUB also accept analogue in/out for combined use in Yealink MTRoA ( or only the Speakers / mics on the VCHUB network? ) 
A. Only MTR-W(MVC systems) and only Yealink AV hardware for the divisible room scenario

Q. How do I get the monthly invite for these sessions?
A. Keep an eye on the landing page or subscribe to the newsletter and I’ll send you updated to register for the next session.

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