MTDAMA Episode 46 – February 2024 ISE Special Edition

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We did an impromptu session live from the show floor before it opened with Michael and I. Below are the some of the Q&A and what we discussed.

Slides from the Roadmap

MTR-A Roadmap

MTR-W Roadmap

Q&A from the show

Q. Where can I get the Surface Hub 3 image?
A. You can download it from the Bare Metal Recovery Store, enter your serial number in the recovery page and the option to download the latest image is there. Here is the link.

Q. We see more and more OEMs whitelabeling certified products that are already in the market from other OEMS. @Michael, is the new Lenovo ThinkSmart 180 the same product compared with Jabra P50? Outside of course Jabras management features etc
A. The device is fuly supported by Lenovo, the drivers say Lenovo etc. It means Lenovo have stopped selling their soundbar. They remain selling their All in One Windows Bar. Here is a link to the Lenovo site

Q. Did Yealink release multi controllers for MTR-W devices at ISE?
A. Yes, they did, Multi Room Table Controller – available on Yealink MTRoW kit – Mtouch Plus and Mtouch Plus EXT up to 5 touch panels allowed.

Q. What did Yealink annouce?
A. A new bar called SmartVision 40 which is for MTR-W

Q. Whats the solution for having 25 meeting rooms using a Crestron Flex UC-Engine that will only support Windows 10. Quite a cost to replace the systems just to go to Windows 11.
A. There is no need to replace just yet, Microsoft will support Windows 10 until October 2025. So best to plan your budget accordinly. However, they won’t stop working, might not get the latest MTR-W update.

Q. Any news regarding joining MTR rooms into TownHall ?
A. Not supported yet, but some have said it works.  Only TLE is supported currently but work is being done to get town halls supported in the future

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