MTDAMA Episode 47 – February 2024

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Thanks for joining us for this episode. See below for the slides and Q&A from the session.

Slide from Episode 47

Q&A from Episode 47

Q. Is ultrasound proximity compatible with any devices?
A. The testing has been done with a limited set of OEMs. When it launches, it could just be them or it might open out to all OEMs.

Q. What are the 3 languages will be supported? 
A. I guess the admin will define what is allowed for fast user switching

Q. We are seeing a lot of issues with Yealink MP50 and New Teams (and some interop issues with other devices as well).  Are others seeing this? Anyone know if there is a device issues list on the web somewhere?
A. Extension has now been granted for these devices until October 2024

Q. Is Cloud Intelliframe (not Intelliframe that works with the Yealink device) released in commercial tenant?  I am in GCC and still waiting
A. Still being shipped, so most tenants should have it. In EA/PP ring its already available for months. Visit MC642265 in message center.

Q. How will the BYOD devices be detected in the Pro Portal?
A. Five unique users need to have connected to the same BYOD device so it will show up.

Q. How will folks handle all these BYOD rooms showing up in Pro Portal to book?
A. Add BYOD or Hybrid-Ready in the display name so when users look up the room in the GAL, it displays it there first which helps users know what is in the room before booking

Q. Any new updates with CVI?
A. Pexip released a new updated UI and some interop features. View here.

Q. Is the new meeting ID/Passcode enabled for all meeting?
A. Yes, all meetings on the device will require the passcode to join the meeting.

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