MTDAMA Episode 45 – January 2024

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Below are the slides and Q&A from the January show.


Q&A from the show

Q. Hey all! Do we have info on when will in room camera controls be available for MTR-W?
A. No idea, nothing public. Some of the OEM’s have them already on a second page….but nothing directly from Microsoft yet

Q Question, is CoPilot for whiteboard part of Teams or separate?
A. Very good question, I would think it’s part of Teams. But can’t see it being allowed on Rooms as you wouldn’t assigned a Copilot license to a room as there is no storage.

Q. How can we update a MTR-W with one tool?
A. MTR Pro Portal team build a tool. Available here

Q. Any news if duplicate content on dual screen on MTR-A will be available in offline meetings? On MTR-W its available for years already.
A. No update on this.

Q. Anyone in the community aware of information re: MTRs or Teams clients and having multiple screens of content shared?  An example being some past photos of MS Signature Rooms with dual displays, appearing to show 2 presentation slides.  With more dual-display MTRs being deployed on campuses, some faculty have voiced interest in using the extra real estate.  Example photo (no affiliation to Ford AV):
A. Unfortunately, that was the magic of Photoshop

Q. Is there any limitation from the software/features side if you have a Teams Panel with Shared device license or Teams Rooms Pro license? The Panels with both licenses are manageable from TAC, Pro Portal and MEM portal so from an admin side no difference. I know the better together features with MTR system and Pro license like check in notifications/aka knock knock feature and capacity notifications are different because you have a MTR system for pairing.
A. Not aware of anything.

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