MTDAMA Episode 48 – March 2024

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Thanks all for attending the show this month. For what seemed light on news, we had a great session and discussions. Please find the slides and Q&A below from both sessions.

Slides from Episode 48

Q&A from Episode 48

Q. Will the MTR QR Code be configurable from the UI or XML?
A. Suspect it will be controlled from the XML and TAC

Q. Where can we get the latest template for MTR-W custom wallpapers?
A. Microsoft have a recent version here.

Q. Why was Calling removed from MTR-A devices?
A. No idea, was such a great feature.

Q. Any update when the better together/device pairing feature in the new Teams desktop client will be available for Teams deskphones and Teams display?
A. Sometime in Q2, support should be there for Better Together and T2.1 client

Q. Will Custom Wallpapers on MTR-A be Basic/Standard or Pro feature?
A. It will be a Pro feature.

Q. Just wondering if the Teams panels have the ability to automatically update the calendar if you leave the meeting room early. For example, with the Yealink you can get a proximity sensor, so was seeing if there was a feature to free up the room if you left early.
A. Yealink and Crestron have sensors that can detect people in the room. However, not sure if they auto check you out. On the Teams Panel, there is a Check Out function, so no additional sensors needed, just user education. Yealink Room Panel + Senser can check in automatically. However, all MTRs do this when you start a scheduled meeting, so no additional sensor needed.

Q. 21:9 support for MTROA – Is this planned do we know?
A. Cisco showed it off at ISE 2024 in conjunction with Samsung, so it must be close.

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