MTDAMA Episode 37 – April 2023


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Thanks all for joining MTDAMA Episode 37 session live from CommsvNext and in APAC live. Below is the slide deck and then the Q&A captured.

Slides from Episode 37

Questions & Answers from Episode 37

Q. Where are the new release notes for Windows and Android?
A. They are available here.

Q. If using a Teams Display in phone booths (eg Neat Frame) it would be beneficial to be able to use bluetooth beacon like with proximity join to transfer a call from mobile to the device. Is this something that is coming? 
A. This is not possible today with Teams Displays. It would be possible if the device is setup as a MTR which is a potential future plan.

Q. What device are you presenting from?
A. We are using a Neat Bar in BYOD mode connected to my Macbook and Teams client.

Q. How can you get into BOYD mode? Just by connecting a PC/Mac to the bar or you need to change any setting  on the device itself?
A. BYOD is disabled by default, but you can enable in the device settings menu, so when a USB cable is connected, it will switch to BYOD mode.

Q. Voyager Free 60 Did you know that if you push the Teams button and hold it for a couple of seconds, it raises your hand.
A. Great tip, thanks.

Q. 7 video streams from Neat?
A. Yes, Neat does Neat Symmetry so it automatically crops and frames the people in the room. This would be known as IntelliFrame Edge in Microsoft language.

Q. Any clue as to a GA date for IntelliFrame
A. No, nothing official on IntelliFrame Cloud as yet.

Q. Multi-camera support is rolling out for several Zoom Room devices on Android. What about Teams?
A. This is now on the public roadmap and due in June 2023 on supported devices

Q. Is there a list for MTR computes for the Win11 compatibility? Or those who will not be supported?
A. Nothing published as yet. I’m guessing very early devices such as the Surface based ones will not be supported.

Q. Anyone knows if Logitech Sight will also support MTRoW? I heard they will be supporting MTRoA (Rally Bar) in the first place?
A. Logitech Sight will be supported on both Windows and Android platforms.

Q. Is there an article or detail published about this Microsoft Device Ecosystem Platform?
A. Here is the blog post announcing it. No other details as yet.

Q. Will this Microsoft AOSP be offered to current MTRoW or MTRoA devices?
A. Just for MTRoA devices

Q. Has a new theme template been released for the MTR-W 4.16 build?
A. Here is the new template.

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