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Thanks all for joining MTDAMA Episode 38 in June 2023. Below is the slide deck and then the Q&A captured.

Slides from Episode 38


Q. Who is still using SIP/H.323 calling?
A1. SIP/H.3233 is still there in countries like India, China Taiwan, Japan etc especially in the Government department and this feature is required for compliance in tender scenarios.
A2. SIP/H323 is also used a lot in governments and healthcare because of better video quality and send multipeople video and contentsharing streams at the same time

Q. Sennheiser also announced Soundbars at InfoComm what are Android?
A. No, they are not Android based, just will be Teams Certified peripherals, when certified.

Q. Do you know if teams cast is being improved? E.G, not hiding the function behind the three dots etc
A. Not aware of any UI changes coming. I would submit feedback via the Teams Feedback portal

Q. Any rumblings of broadening Content Camera devices supported to include things like document cameras, as Zoom Rooms supports?
A1. Not heard of any changes coming. Due to limited use?
A2. The dedicated content cameras also often do a better job in the software, than the Logi 930 cam

Q. How do I test out BlueJeans Direct Guest Join?
A. You can enable it via the XML config <BlueJeansMeetingsEnabled>True</BlueJeansMeetingsEnabled>

Q. I was surprised to not see an announcement reg. MTR within a LCD Display or LED controller.
A1. Sort of like Surface Hub becoming a native MTRW?
A2. Well, considering that today’s Displays have pretty much the same SoC inside than a soundbar type MTRoA, there is no reason why not include MTR within the display itself. Think of the Netflix button in your Home TV
A3. Except App switching isn’t allowed

Q. I saw that Crestron and Dten have wireless touch controllers for Zoom Room and room control, but I understood that Microsoft is thinking to make these touch consoles certified. Anybody heard this as well?
A. These wireless controllers are not Microsoft Teams certified. It’s for Zoom Rooms with DTEN or for Room Control with Crestron.

Q. Anyone catch the quick swap to Zoom last Yealink mtroa firmware?
A1. Yes the UC Provider feature to switch between native app platforms within 10 seconds, but Microsoft have forbidden it so in next firmware it will be deleted by Yealink
A2. As far as I know Yealink has already pulled that, was asked to remove the quick switch from my review.

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