Automatically record your Microsoft Teams Meetings


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Do you want to automatically record your Microsoft Teams Meetings? Well, there is a new way end users can select this. In the Meeting Options of the invite, they can enable this with a toggle. This will work for single or recurring meetings.

As you can see from the image below, this shows you how to enable it so that it automatically records the meeting. This cannot be enabled by default, and it’s not designed to replace compliance recording. This is designed say for team meetings etc. Once the meeting has been setup, you can edit the invite and select Meeting Options to configure this.

Getting to the options

This will vary depending on your client. See some examples below

MacOS with Outlook

MacOS and Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Teams Client or Web Client

Microsoft Teams Client Meeting Options
Microsoft Teams Client Meeting Options

Windows 10 and latest Outlook client

Windows 10 and latest Microsoft Outlook client

Meeting Options

Automatically record meetings
Automatically record meetings

Once the recording has been completed, you can view it back in the Teams chat. The owner of the recording is the person who scheduled the call.

Microsoft Teams Recording
Microsoft Teams Recording

This is key for Microsoft Teams Room on Windows or Android. This is because they do not have a recording function as they use shared resource accounts. Using this feature, means anyone joining from a meeting inside the organisation, it starts the recording. Check out the video demo below.

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