MTDAMA Episode Sixteen – Monday 19th July 2021


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Thanks to all that joined the session today. Some great discussions as always. Shame there is no way to carry on the chat. Who’s up for a Discord channel?

Questions asked during the session

Q. Do they really want to bring back projectors???
A1. Not a fan of projectors myself, but things like the modern Epson laser projectors are quite different to what we all think of when we remember projectors
A2. OK, they are cheaper, but just moved away from them got Samsung’s 98″ screens in.

Q. Do most people deploy single or dual displays?
A1. We are always “encouraging” our clients to do dual display
A2. Single screen display is going to be very tight to keep fluid components and chat legible…

Q. What is the issue with HDMI Audio?
A1. 20H1 and H2 has been problematic. Many fixes later and it’s getting more consistent
A2. With Windows 10 20H2, when a device is connected to the system, the audio level will drop, called ducking. You can disable this, but this did not seem to work in all cases on MTRs, so the feature was pulled until a proper fix is found.

Q. Our return-to-work schedule is Sept 7th….are they working fast and furious on this fix?
A. I’m sure they are working hard to bring this feature back.

Q. Do we need to activate HDMI Ingest Audio via TAC? In 1909 it was present, but HDMI audio was also working without this being active i think
A. I guess the TAC team never removed the toggle button when the product group stopped the HDMI Ingest feature. Regardless of if it’s on or off, the back-end service and MTR app won’t allow it.

Q. Does Teams cast from mobile include Audio?
A. No, it is screen sharing only.

Q. Any unofficial update on teams cast for the desktop client?
A. We saw it was mentioned in public that is should be sometime in Q3 2021.

Q. Fit to frame on client vs “right sight” in rooms – not a good look as user often gets zoomed in twice.
A. I have seen this before too, you must click on Fit to Frame on the desktop client to see the room. I guess the new intelligent cameras will crop people out and show it better.

Q. Is there any idea when multi-camera support is coming to Teams / Teams Rooms?
A. Q3 2021 is the public info I’ve seen on the Tech Community

Q. Do the Intelligent Speakers ask you for identification?
A. I haven’t had my MSheech asking to identify me

Q. Are smart speakers simply doing the transcript? Do you know if there are already plans to analyze and make a smart summary or task list out of it? Elsewise I wonder who will be able to read though all this content
A. Not sure, I think it’s Azure services

Q. Is there more bandwidth required in a call when transcription is on?

Q, Is transcription available in the UK?
A1. I have that setting re transcription and it’s turned on (UK tenant)
A2. Transcription for the desktop app is available i know, but it’s different for MTR

Q. When does the Logitech MTRoA come with the Logitech TAP? It doesn’t make sense to have the new Rally Bar without the TAP
A1. Touch display with MTRoA works well as a personal device.
A2. Later this year it should be available. Testing has just started.

Q. Are there some install guides for Panacast as a content camera?
A. The Jabra 50 dual stream works, we are testing it in the lab

Q. How do you guys like the panacast camera view? It has 180° view, but it looks a bit odd. There must be some limits on location of the whiteboard?
A. P50 has intelligent zoom on or off choice

Q. Is there a plan to “harmonize” the topic of updating firmware of certified peripherals though TAC for MTRfW? I know, some are working with manufacturer software (e.g. Sync) some try to accomplish it with Intune.
A. All certified devices can and should get their updates from Windows Updates. Other non-certified devices will have to be managed by that OEM.

Q. Does the new MTR on Surface Hub remove the traditional features?
A. The new surface hub has not only MTR capabilities but also desktop app capabilities

Q. Direct Guest Join for Zoom Issues. What is the issue?
A1. The issue is on the WebTRC side of Zoom. Microsoft doesn’t do anything in the MTR, it’s just using the Zoom web components. Try using the MTR Edge Browser and see if it works.
A2. Twice in the last month. Microsoft investigated both times and both were Zoom problems that Zoom quickly fixed

Q. have you got a link to the “In the room” session?

Q. Are there some new specific URLs to whitelist to have the news Teams experience working on the Surface Hub? (The device is plugged behind company firewall). Since the update, everything is working but Teams.
A. Not sure, all I suspect is using the same ports and protocols.

Q. Are most people using the Zoom web join or extending MTR using BYOD boxes so that the native zoom experience is driven by a laptop in the room?
A. Yeah, in those situations BYOD is a better solution. Several vendors have solutions for that.

Q. Our rooms are not bookable by external domains. Is there a good documentation on what needs to be accomplished to allow a good/secure setup to allow the guest join features (Zoom/WebEx)?
A2. The best thing to do is forward the invite you get from external to your room account
A3. Note that Direct guest Join does not support all meeting types, specifically some that have higher encryption requirements. Again, it’s up to Cisco/Zoom to enable these types of meetings and/or the WebRTC spec to be updated to support these types of meetings.
A4. You may need to set a policy with PowerShell to accept external meetings first

Q. But if I forward to the room, isn’t it still the organizer (external) who is inviting the room. Last time I checked this was the behaviour.
A. Have a look at my blog post on securing external meeting invites

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