Building a new Media PC


Last Updated on August 12, 2014 by GrahamWalsh

So I have been running a media pc of  Windows Media Center on Windows PC’s for 5+ years now and it seems that Microsoft are not developing it any further either.  I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the TV tuner duplicating, triplicating channels in the guide etc, so enough is enough.

After a fair bit of research over at, it seems the best choice is MediaPortal with Argus TV as the TV element.  Also another favourite is the SteamedMP plugin.

I set this up on a test laptop with a USB TV tuner.  Recording Live TV is important so I don’t have to keep browsing the On Demand sites for content to watch, I want it all in one place.

So far, the build is the stock 1.8 client/server, Argus TV beta, MP-TV Series, Moving Pictures, OnlineVideos (for BBC, ITV etc in case I miss something).  All content is stored on a NAS server and connected via gigabit ethernet around the house, so no issues with streaming content.

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