Crestron Zoom Rooms + HDMI Content


Last Updated on February 21, 2020 by GrahamWalsh

So whilst working with a customer who was using Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTRs) and some offices have the Crestron Flex Zoom Rooms. The beauty is consistent with hardware across their offices and all managed with XIO Cloud.

However, I had one client where they could not see the HDMI option on a Zoom Room. When you went to share, it looked like this.

No HDMI Share Option

So where is the cable ingest for the room? Well with Crestron, there is an HDMI > USB ingest box, HD-CONV-USB-200 which sends through the content. However, sometimes it can get confused that it is a camera. Just head into your Zoom settings on the touch panel and ensure you have the correct camera selected. This is what it should look like.

HDMI Sharing Option

Here is the Settings configuration that is accessed on the bottom left.

Zoom Room Camera Settings

It is also possible to push the config from the Zoom Portal when configuring a meeting room.

Zoom Room Web Config

That’s it, ensure the camera selection is set correctly.

Meet happy 😀

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