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Hangouts Meet and Polycom Trio


Last Updated on May 19, 2019 by GrahamWalsh

If you are using Hangouts Meet, you are used to the video in a browser. Now how do you integrate with say a Polycom Trio device that can also do video in a huddle space or conference room? Well you can do this Pexip certified interop for GHM.

Firstly you will need to have Pexip Infinity deployed – details here. And then carry out the Hangouts Meet <> Pexip integration here.

Finally, you will need to register your Polycom Trio to Pexip Infinity as an example. This is detailed here.

Creating a Hangouts Meet invite

Once this is all done, we can now go ahead a book a meeting in the Google Calendar.

Creating a new calendar entry
Creating a new calendar entry

Then Add Conferencing

Invite with a Hangouts Meet session
Invite with a Meet session

Expanded view of the Conference details

Full conferencing details
Full Conferencing details

However, there is no Third Party joining instructions here in the meeting invite. To get these, you need to open the meet URL to join the meeting.

Joining a Hangouts Meet
Joining a meeting

Once you’ve joined a meeting, you will then see Meeting Details in the bottom left corner. Click on this and then click on More Joining Options

Hangouts Meet More Joining Options
More Joining Options

That will then open a new window and you will see the Audio conferencing dial in details if you have these. Then click on Third-party systems

Hangouts Meet Audio dial in details
Audio Dial In details

When you are in Third-party systems tab, you will see a few items. First up, you will have a short conference ID. If you have a Trio registered to the same platform as the interop platform, then you can just dial say the 6 digit ID and join the meeting. Next is a sip: link, so that will invoke the default SIP client on your computer, which could be Skype for Business. Alternatively you can type this on your Trio screen to connect. Finally is the IP dialling if you want to give yourself some pain.

Hangouts Meet Third-party systems details
Third-party systems details

Getting the Hangouts Meet info to the Polycom Trio

To achieve this, simply copy and paste the all the information from the Third-party systems tab and paste it into a calendar invite. I have pasted this into the Outlook calendar invite. Remember the Trio can only register to Microsoft Exchange mailboxes.

New meeting invite to Trio with Hangouts Meet info
New meeting invite to Trio

Polycom Trio Config

Below is the config to register the Trio to Pexip (on line 2). Just edit these with your details as needed and upload to the Trio.

<!-- Created by Graham Walsh 19-05-2019 21:00 -->
<!-- poly Trio Line 2 Config for Google Hangouts Meet interop -->
<!-- Replace with your Pexip IVR -->
<!-- Replace with a location of the Icon that you want to use.  Requires 5.8 or higher-->
<!-- Replace with the correct details. Must be lowercase-->
<!-- Replace with the correct details -->
<!-- Replace _username_ and _password_ with the correct details -->
<!-- Replace with the correct IP of your Pexip conference node -->
		reg.2.displayName="UC Expo Trio"
		reg.2.label="Hangouts Meeting"

Once configured, your Trio will look like this.

polycom trio home screen
Polycom Trio Home screen

Now you could just tap the Hangouts Meeting icon and it will dial the IVR. You could then enter the 6 digit ID I have in my example above. However, as you can also send the Trio the calendar invite, you will get a Join button like below.

Trio with Join Button to Hangouts Meet
Trio with Join Button

Once you hit the Join button, it will then read the meeting invite and find number@IPAddress and dial that into the meeting

Trio Calling a Hangouts Meet
Trio Calling

Depending on your settings with Pexip and Hangouts, the device may join as Trusted or Guest. Further details on this can be seen here and here.

Google Calendar Only?

If you do not have Microsoft Exchange where you can register your Trio’s to, fear not. Synergy Sky Join is a third party application that can act as an Exchange EWS emulator (this can also be used for Polycom HDX systems). Full details on setting up Join with Google Calendar is detailed here.

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