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Microsoft Teams Room – Roadmap Watch May 2021


Last Updated on May 22, 2021 by GrahamWalsh

Following on from my previous blog post on the roadmap watch here, I’d thought I’d provide an update. So, let’s look at the items previously announced and where they are now. For the below, MTRoA are Android based devices such as Poly X30/X50 and Yealink VC210/A20. MTRoW are Windows based devices such as Crestron Flex, Logitech TAP, Lenovo Hub etc.

Public Roadmap Features

FeaturePrevious DateCurrent Status
Dual Screen on MTRoAJanuary 2021Released December 2021
1080p Outgoing Video on MTRoAJanuary 2021Targeted June 2021
Centre of Room Console for MTRoAFebruary 2021Released April 2021
Wired HDMI Ingest for MTRoAMarch 2021Targeted June 2021
Personal Mode for MTRoAFebraury 2021Released April 2021
Room Remote for MTRoWJanuary 2021Targeted May 2021
Room Remote for MTRoAMarch 2021Targeted July 2021
Cortana Voice Assistant for MTRoWDecember 2021 with Logitech Rally MicStill in preview but stated as launched!
Meeting Room Capacity Notifications for MTRoWJanuary 2021Targeted May 2021
IP Based Audio/Video support for MTRoWMarch 2021Targeted May 2021
Large Gallery and Together Mode for MTRoWJanuary 2021Tagged as Preview
Large Gallery and Together Mode for MTRoAFebruary 2021Released December 2020
Teams Casting for MTRoW from iOS. From AndroidJanuary 2021Released May 2021 for iOS/Targeted May 2021 from Android devices
Teams Casting for MTRoAFebruary 2021??
Breakout Rooms Support for MTRoAMarch 2021Targeted August 2021
Whiteboard on MTRoA & MTRoWJanuary 2021This item has disappeared off the roadmap
Manage Teams Displays in TACJanuary 2021Released in January 2021
Microsoft Teams PanelsMarch 2021Released February 2021
Guest Join Access for video enabled Android DevicesNATargeted September 2021

Other Features

Next up we have the features that were discussed in public such as the Microsoft Tech Community or on Twitter, let’s see if there are any updates for these items.

FeaturePrevious EstimateCurrent Estimate
Multiple Camera Support on MTRoWH1 2021H2 2021
Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Support for Cameras on MTRoW2021 (Can be done with Crestron and Yealink MTRs today)No update. Will Room Remote take this role?
Viewing/Controlling Files on MTR from OneDrive or meeting invite (same as Surface Hub)No time frame in 2021No update
Proximity Join for MacOSNo time frame in 2021No update
Enlarged Self ViewNo time frame in 2021No update
Control sync’ing of Content sources (e.g in room PCs connected) to MTRs on WindowsNo time frame in 2021No update
Test Call Feature (same as desktop)No time frame in 2021No update
Updated Management features in TAC and MEMNo time frame in 2021Alerting was announced and then removed again
MTR Premium support for AndroidNo time frame in 2021Targeted December 2021
MTR Premium support for Surface HubNo time frame in 2021Targeted September 2021
Different layouts on Front of RoomNo time frame in 2021No update

Hardware Developments

Along with all the software features, there are also hardware developments too. Here’s the status

Vendor ProductPrevious Release DateCurrent Release Date
Yealink Teams DisplayNothing ConfirmedNothing confirmed
EPOS Intelligent Speaker/MicNothing ConfirmedReleased April 2021. US Market only
Yealink Intelligent Speaker/MicNothing ConfirmedTargeted May 2021
Crestron UC-P8 Microsoft Teams PhoneQ1 2021Released January 2021
Dell Microsoft Teams Monitors with built in Mic/CamFebruary 2021Released February 2021
Crestron Teams PanelMarch 2021Released February 2021
Yealink Teams PanelNothing confirmedTargeted June/July 2021
Audiocdes MTRoAQ1 2021Released
Poly G7500 Certified as MTRoAQ1/Q2 2021Q2 2021

Current Public Roadmap Items (additional to above)

MTR Premium – Intelligent detection and remediation for MTRoW. Video overviewTargeted May 2021
MTR Premium – Personalised room planning for MTRoWTargeted May 2021
MTR Premium – Threat detection & security update management for MTRoWTargeted May 2021
MTR Premium – Room Threat Protection with MDETargeted May 2021
MTR Premium – Vulnerability Detection with Microsoft DefenderTargeted May 2021
MTR Premium – Security Updates ManagementTargeted May 2021
MTR Premium – Custom Admin RolesTargeted May 2021
MTR Premium – Managed Crestron Firmware UpdatesTargeted May 2021
MTR Premium – Dynamic Signal TicketsTargeted June 2021
MTR Premium – Global Incident Detection (Outages)Targeted June 2021
MTR Premium – Location Based Roles ScopeTargeted June 2021
MTR Premium – Managed OS UpdatesTargeted June 2021
MTR Premium – Managed Firmware Updates (additional OEMs)Targeted June 2021
MTR Premium – Action Driven IncidentsTargeted September 2021
MTR Premium – Room Expansion PlanningTargeted September 2021
MTR Premium – Partner Delegated Access, Multi-tenant supportTargeted September 2021
MTR Premium – Room Occupancy ReportsTargeted September 2021
MTR Premium – Value ReportsTargeted September 2021
MTR Premium – Asset Management WorkflowTargeted December 2021
Teams Admin Center – Device Management in GCC HighTargeted June 2021

Updated Hardware news

Along with the above hardware to be released, Crestron has announced the new Microsoft Teams Video phones. Available in 8″ and 10″ displays, they support the usual features such as live transcriptions, raise hand, background blur/replacement etc. Here is a quick overview of the device. They are now shipping.

Updated Software Features

It has been said on the Tech Community that MTRoA will get Direct Guest Join, enabling these devices to join Zoom and Webex meetings. This has now been added to the public roadmap and listed under this entry, slated for a September 2021 release. I guess this will coincide with the fall edition of Microsoft Ignite 2021. What is interesting, it says video enabled Android devices. Wonder if that includes Lenovo ThinkSmart View, Crestron UC-Pxx-C devices too 🙂

Ilya also informed us that Teams Casting will come to the desktop client too, targeted for Q3 2021.

That is all that I have for now. Lots of features coming to the MTR Premium managed meeting room service. Lots of other features I’m unable to discuss as they have not been made public yet, but once the public roadmap has them, I’ll do another update.

Any questions, let me know below.

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