MTDAMA Episode 23 – February 2022


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Welcome to the 23rd episode of the MTDAMA session. Below you will find the slide and all the Q&A. Many thanks to Vincent Dal from Poly on giving us an update on the Poly range of devices for Microsoft Teams.

Slides from Episode 23

Q&A from the EMEA/NA Session

Q. Can anyone tell me where to set Front Row as default in TAC?
A1. Front Row can only be set via XML file or on the Centre of Room console itself. No settings in TAC today.
A2. Full details here.

Q. How can I setup Teams Devices Administrative Units?
A. Watch Michael Tressler’s video here.

Q. Where can we see the Front Row layouts examples?
A. Have a look at the video Graham did here.

Q. Will the Poly Camera use ONVIF like Huddly does when connect over IP?
A. Not 100% sure, but it will follow the Microsoft guidelines as per this roadmap item.

Q. Is the new Poly Smart Framing in the E70 today?
A. It is already here but hidden until the launch in May

Q. Is there any guidance on Front Row issues?
A. Known issues are listed here and how to set the display to 100% size

Q. What is the link to the interview on Front Row with Greg at Microsoft?
A. Here is the video

Q. When do you expect the loop components and together mode scene for Front Row be avialable in best case scenario? Q2, Q3, Q4?
A. No idea on this. However a good overview on Loop components is available here.

Q. We have been struggling with MTRoW keeping the resolutiuon after reboots etc.
A. Try an EDID 1080p emulator. Crestron include them in their Flex kits. Some commercial grade monitors have EDID settings that can be setup. Otherwise, you can get some on Amazon such as these.

Q. Is there plans to bring the Microsoft Whiteboard as an option for MTR natively? As in building in a whiteboard button on the MTR controller to launch whiteboard.
A. This is planned for future. Not sure on Windows, but it has been talked about for Android.

Q. What is the URL for the device trade in?
A1. Here is the third-party site that Microsoft are using.
A2. Poly also have their own trade in. Other vendors may have a process too.

Q. When will it be possible to upload/customize your own wallpaper for MTR on Android? This year?
A. No idea if this is on the roadmap. With the latest update, there are some new default wallpapers.

Q. How can you see the scheduled reservations on the Teams display? Or only in the outlook calender ? Not on the device itself if you would like to make reserveren via a power app?
A1. You can always see the reservations in the Resource Account (just like MTRoW). If no one is currently signed in to hotdesk, you can see upcoming reservations on the device itself.
A2. To support the hot desking feature, you must assign a Microsoft Teams Room Standard license. It will not work with a Common Area Phone license. The user signing into the device can be any licensed user.

Q. Any discussion re: MTRs adding digital signage capabilities like Zoom Rooms do, for usage of screen real estate when not in a meeting?
A. Poly MTRoA devices support AppSpace integration. AppSpace will require a separate subscription.

Q. Any Microsoft insider Road Map to improve Proximity Join behavior with users running Teams on laptops in conf rooms – Bluetooth beacon inconsistent success. I’ve tried three major manufacturers with same “problems”.
A1. Use an external Bluetooth Adapter/Atenna.
A2. I’ve heard that Microsoft are looking into other ways of doing this.

Q, How can I register for Teams Nation where Episode 24 will be held?
A. View the website here.

Q&A from APAC Session

Q. Anyone have recommendations for furniture manufactures for Front Row?
A, Nothing in the pipeline. I’m sure vendors will jump on this such as Steelcase etc.

Q. Is there a list of cameras that are Intelligent Camera approved or going to be?
A. I am sure there will be one soon on the Docs site.

Q. Will it be possible to change the setting on the camera during a call… from people framing to group framing
A. Some vendors allow that today on MTRoW such as Crestron and Yealink. Or with third party integrations such as QSC and Extron. Native would be great.

Q. What is the per stream upload/res?
A. The image today is still one stream of 1080p being fed back into the Microsoft Teams MCU. No idea on intellingent video bandwidth requirements as yet.

Q. Is the next step to AI co-ordinate multiple camera positions/angles?
A. Yes that is planned.

Q. Are MS going to provide some guidance around Front Row? As a vendor it would be to have some guidance from MS so we can tailor the experience and plan our hardware offerings for the technology and also from a customer point of view they know no matter what vendor they decide on they know there are some guidelines to follow so they will have the most optimal experience no matter what vendor they device.
A. Jimmy and Andrew have been working on the design guidance for Front Row. We have started running workshops. I will touch on some of it today but I see a technical deep dive workshop coming in the future.

Q. Will the e70 support the coming In-meeting remote PTZ control app/feature?
A1. I think Ilya promised PTZ control… two years ago ;)
A2. Remote PTZ controls was pulled I think but is meant to be back again.

Q. Would still be good to understand what version of web client you have – helps with troubleshooting
A. Never will be known I don’t think.

Q. What does MTR-P support mean?
A. Microsoft Teams Room Premium/Managed Meeting Rooms by Microsoft. Surface Hub and MTROA will be able to join the Microsoft Managed Services along with MTR.

Q. Are people seeing significant deployments of Teams Display?
A. No, not yet. with Neat, Yealink and others coming to market with Teams Displays we’ll see a better uptake.

Q. Is there simpler sign in options coming for hot desking? via Teams on mobile?
A. No, nothing today, have to sign in on the device.

Q. Gents what’s happening with Direct guest join (MTR on Android) is it still on target for roll out? Get asked a lot…
A. Still targeted for end of March on the public roadmap

Q. Any updates for room attribution features for intelligent speakerphone? is it available for AU tenant users?
A. Still seems to be US tenants only today. Sennheiser also released a new Intelligent Speaker this week. See below.

Sennheiser new Intelligent Speaker

Q. Is it correct that Premium license is needed for Intelligent speakers / transcription?
A. This could well be the case. Not had anything confirmed yet.

Thank you all for attending. Next session in EMEA/NA will be at Teams Nation.

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