Stuck installing OCS 2007 R2 on Windows 2008 R2 64 bit??


I was having issues with trying to deploy the server after running the pre install steps. The error was related to the Windows Media Format Runtime. After a quick search on the web it turns out you need add the Desktop Experience Feature via Add Windows Features. After a few reboots I was able to […]

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Installing Windows 2008 R2 Server with Oracle VirtualBox


The first step is to ensure that you have the latest bios update for your machine. In addition, you need to enable hardware virtualisation VT. When I trying to install Windows 2008 R2 64bit on my laptop as a Virtual Machine with Oracle VirtualBox, I was getting the BSOD relating to some drivers. After running

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Work Time


I work as a sales engineer for Polycom uk, based the lovely surroundings of slough, home of the office tv programme. it not a bad place to be as you go home each evening, leaving slough behind you. one strange story is that there is a regus office next door and that is where my

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Stelvio 2005


friday, september 09, 2005 – stelvio 2005 – day 1 i went to be at about 1am and then set my alarms for 0430, 0445 and 0500. i still managed to snooze them all and eventually woke up at 0545. i was out of the house by 0555 and on the road. i would have made

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Le Mans 2005


Going to Le Mans – Wednesday Woke up Wednesday about 0630 and went to work. Got bored at work as I wanted to go and pack, so I left an hour early. Eventually got home and Jaye was waiting for me. Packed everything up and Skeggs and Deborah arrived. Packed the laguna and we eventually

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Stelvio 2004


Day One – Home – Pub Meet – Reims, France Late getting to pub. Late getting to ferry as i had to go via halfords for get some number plate pads. Drove out of halfords car park and thought it was a one way road. Asked them why was there no white line on my

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