macOS 10.12 – Sierra and OneDrive


Last Updated on June 16, 2016 by GrahamWalsh

If you have upgraded to Beta 1 of the new OS and you use OneDrive, you might stumble across an issue I did.  I was unable to sign in.  Turns out I needed to remove the OneDrive cached credential from the Mac Key Chain Access.  Just open up Keychain Access (Mac Key+Space) and type in Keychain and open the app.  Then search for one in the top right corner and right click on the OneDrive line and delete.  Then re-open your OneDrive client and sign in it, all should be good.


I also had an issue with Icloud sign in, but have settled for signing in via iMessage app and that appears to be ok for now.  I then found an answer on Macrumours

  • Launch “Keychain Access” via spotlight search
  • Ensure “login” is selected in the left pane under “Keychains”
  • In the “Keychain Access” menu, select “Properties”
  • Click “Reset my Default Keychain”, and follow what it asks you to do to confirm.
  • Reboot and then try iCloud again. However, I did not need to reboot.
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