Pexip Infinity and Yealink T-49G


Last Updated on May 31, 2016 by GrahamWalsh

Pexip Infinity and Yealink T49-G

So I am going to test out Pexip Infinity and Yealink T-49G Video Phone to use an a video endpoint for the next few weeks.  To simply register to the Pexip Infinity platform, just create an alias in the Pexip Manager and then head over to the web interface of the Yealink.  To find the IP address, just press Menu > Status and you will see your IP address under General.  You can then log in, the default username and password for Yealink is admin and admin.


Once in there, head to Account and Enable the Line, input your Display Name, your registrar name, username and the password that was set in Infinity Manager.  Then enter your Pexip Conference Node(s) and chose your transport type.  For the outbound proxy, you can use the DNS or IP address of the Pexip Conference node.  Press Confirm and wait for the device to register, should only take a few seconds.  Thanks it, happy PexJuice.



Now I have created some DSS keys as speed dials on the T49 so I can dial into people or virtual meeting rooms quickly.  See below for my screenshot of my device.  You can also add your own wallpaper too.


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