Polycom EagleEye Director – New Features

Last Updated on January 30, 2013 by GrahamWalsh

The EagleEye Director with software v2.0 allows you to detach the camera from the EagleEye Director base, to support specific usage scenarios.

The following HDX systems support EagleEye Director software v2.0:
•    HDX 9001
•    HDX 9002
•    HDX 9004
•    HDX 9006
•    HDX 8000 HD (Hardware Rev A, B)
•    HDX 7000
•    HDX 7000 HD (Hardware Rev A, B, C)
•    HDX 6000

Please refer to the EagleEye Director Setup Sheet for further information on removing the camera.

You can download the EagleEye Director Software v2.0  and release notes from the public Polycom Product Support web page.

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