Polycom Touch Control Changes


Last Updated on January 18, 2013 by GrahamWalsh

Products affected:

  • PTC, Group Series, HDX


  • An End of Life (EOL) on the Polycom Touch Control (PTC) will necessitate a hardware change for the Group Series PTC from rev 5 to rev 6
  • This change impacts the HDX PTC as well


  • As a result of the hardware update, PTC v4.0.0 software maintains compatibility with Rev 5 PTC hardware, but will not be compatible with Rev 6 PTC hardware.
  • Hardware and software compatibility issues can occur if:
    • A Group Series rev 6 PTC hardware is shipped to pair with a v4.0.0.1 Group Series hardware
    • An HDX rev 6 PTC hardware is shipped to pair with a HDX hardware running Sunlight or earlier versions of software

Viable configurations:

  • PTC HW version 4 is not compatible with or supported with the Group Series products
  • PTC HW needs to be at version 5 or 6 to be compatible with Group Series
  • All PTC v4.x software will run on PTC HW rev 5.
  • PTC HW rev 6 needs PTC v4.0.1 software as a minimum.
  • PTC HW rev 6 will be supported with PTC v4.0.1 software (and future software releases going forward)
  • PTC v4.0.1 is compatible on PTC HW rev 5 and rev 6
  • PTC and HDX versions that support the new PTC HW Rev 6 will begin with version 1.7 and HDX V3.1.1.
  • PTC and HDX versions before v1.7 and v3.1.1 will only run on HW Rev 5

Supported platforms:

  • The Polycom Touch Control is supported on the following HDX products:
    • Polycom HDX 9000 series, Polycom HDX 8000 series, Polycom HDX 7000 series, Polycom HDX 6000 series, and the Polycom HDX 4500 systems can be controlled by the Polycom Touch Control
  • The SoundStructure is supported by Polycom Touch Control
  • The entire RealPresence Group Series is supported by the Polycom Touch Control

Hardware identification, dates for introduction:

IntroducedPrice list partFRU partLogoBottom marked withSoftware used on:Hardware rev notes
Dec, 20102200-30070-0012200-30070-001TrianglesMay be a 2201 part number or 2200-30070-001HDX with software starting at version 3.0Original rev 4 & 5.  Rev 4 internal only
Jan, 20132200-30070-0022200-30070-002Circles2200-30070-002RealPresence Group Series starting with 4.0Rev 6
TBD, March, 20138200-30070-0022200-300n70-002Circles2200-30070-002RealPresence Group Series starting with 4.0Rev 6
TBD, March, 20138200-30070-0062200-30070-006Triangles2200-30070-006HDX with software starting at version 3.1Rev 6, board revision.


  • Load all PTC rev 6 HW with PTC v4.0.1 (as a minimum) in order to run properly.


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