Commsverse 2020 Online Conference


Last Updated on July 8, 2020 by GrahamWalsh

Hopefully by now you have heard about the Commsverse 2020 conference. This was meant to be an in person event, held in the UK back in April. I was in regular dialogue with Mark Vale in the early days when he was designing the in person event, bouncing ideas of each other.

Then comes Covid-19 and the dream of having a community conference in person was shattered, for now. Mark, Randy and Martin took the bold decision to move the conference online, a huge effort in it’s own right. Then to add more goals, make it a three day conference, across three time zones. Wow, what a mountain to climb. Well they pulled it off and had over 2,000 attendees register for the event. The format is excellent, all based inside Microsoft Teams, virtual booths and also a virtual reality conference hall. This is a great addition and experience too. Here were the status one month ago.

  • 230 Sessions
  • 162 Speakers
  • 41 Producers
  • 23 Champions
  • 4 Organizers
  • 204 Sponsor Staff
  • 1,210 Attendees Registered & counting

I was delighted when I got the confirmation that I would have a community session and this was all about transforming your meeting spaces to Microsoft Teams Meetings. In this session, I covered topics such as the right devices for the right space, certified Microsoft Teams Rooms and also Cloud Video Interop. You can watch the session live or on-demand. Session is 224.

I’m also in the lucky position that my employer was also a sponsor for Commsverse and that are four speaking sessions. I was only able to outsource one of these to a colleague so I delivering the other three sessions. Again, these are very community focused and not a sales pitch of the Crestron products, as the theme here is community. To catch any of the other sessions, see below for details.

Session NumberSession TitlePresenterJoin Link
224Transforming your meeting rooms to Microsoft Teams enabled roomsGraham Walsh
261How “Normal” will the “New Normal” be?Graham Walsh
293Crestron Flex – Microsoft Teams Rooms for all spacesMax Davis
327A meeting room is more than a Microsoft Teams Room deviceGraham Walsh
357Crestron Flex Microsoft Teams Rooms – What makes up the systemGraham Walsh

Look forward to chatting to you at one of my sessions.

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