MTDAMA Episode One – Wednesday 15th April 2020


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So, with MTDAMA Episode One, we sent out the invites to people, but some invites might have been caught up in spam filters from my testing tenant. Still investigating why that was. We’ll figure out another way for Episode Two. Below is the slide deck from Episode One. Many thanks for the excellent questions submitted for episode one, keep the coming for episode two.

Feedback form for Episode One is here.

Questions during Episode One

Q. Pricing

Q. Can’t we configure all the setting of an MTR including the login credentials through Xio Cloud ?

Q. Can we also push the XML settings of the MTR from Xio Cloud?

Q. Will we be able to use our compute keyboard when using the Remote Control of a MTR touch panel through Xio Cloud?

Q. Interested in MTRv2 and Collab Bar endpoints for Teams & Zoom

Q. When starting an audio call from an MTR, when searching for the person you want to call, is there a way to display not only their work phone but cell phone(if it’s in AD) like we can on the Teams desktop client?

Q. Currently I have Mercury’s deployed that are running in the native Crestron mode, what would be the easiest path upgrade them to MTR rooms? I currently have a test unit running in MTR mode with a UC-Engine and AM-200 attached, would that be all I need?

Q. When is Zoom support for MTR shipping?

Q. What are your thoughts on one screen versus two screens?

Q. Have you seen any installs with one screen be smaller and off to the side (eg content centre of room and video offset)?

Q. Is the UC-MX150-T still on track to be available at the end of April?

Q. Is there a C-series version of the UC-MX150-T system planned (ie BYOD connect for C-series)?

Q. Are you aware of any plans for Teams rooms to be able to use multiple cameras – eg front of room and side of room to be able to film someone talking at the front. (It seems crazy to me a four-year-old Poly Trio can do this, albeit manually, but a MTR cannot.)

Q. A challenge for customers working with integrators, especially multiple ones because of different geographic locations, is validating the equipment recommendations and BOMs. Do you have a “best of” deck of MTR installs you that you could share?

Q/ I’m wondering if there is a good way to manage Logitech peripherals (Rally, TAP, Meetup) using a Crestron Management application like Building and Enterprise Management Software, RoomViewer, or something else?

Q. Does Crestron have plans to offer Crestron control on a 2nd page of the TAP? Similar to Extron’s MSI Installer for the NUC to have TAP control?

Q. MS Teams Will support dual display Option, I mean Content in One display & Video in another display?

Q. Can you please make available a Teams setup for us teachers to play around with, login as student or teacher, and be able to record how we do things, for the web? Right now I either have to redact thru the whole process, or just keep it internal.

Q. Modern Authentication – Best way to manage MTR devices

Q. Can you gents discuss the timing around Teams and Crestron software firmware syncing up for both UCE versions

Q. Is Crestron planning to come up with PTZ cameras for the larger meeting rooms?

Q. Are there any Teams Phones hardware that are equipped with the ‘sidecar’ that would be used with receptionists or executive admins?

Q. Any ETA on PTZ controls?

Q. An adjustments for default audio?

Q. Will Teams on MTR support several cameras as in Skype for Business. (Not content cam)?

Q. Will teams include chat on MTR in the future?

Q. Looking forward to the overview on MTR as well as new information on Collaboration Bar class of device. Thanks!?

Q. Can you show how to do add email through a 3rd party app?

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