MTDAMA Episode Two – Tuesday 12th May 2020


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MTDAMA Episode two is now done and dusted. Thanks all for joining. Hopefully, everyone was getting the invites this time round. Again, some great questions. Keep them coming for Episode Three next month. Slides from Episode Two are below.

Questions submitted for Episode Two

Q. What is the best way to mobilize or utilize the “flex”-ibility of the Flex platform for remote use cases?

Q. ADFS support for MTR was mentioned but has anybody verified if it is now supported with MTR since MA went GA?

Q. Will new Teams AI features like background noise suppression carry over to MTR systems?

Q. Seeing lots of questions about collaboration bars and capabilities, maybe someone has had more hands on with them by that time?

Q. Also, what is the new cool update for surface hub rumoured to come this summer, will it get more features like MTR?

Q. How to enable an MTR to provide a complete solution for a conference room that obviously give users the ability to fully use MS Teams but also to be able to participate in external invitations from the other solutions, webex, zoom, SIP/IP calls using the peripherals of the MTR

Q. Guest experience – any plan to streamline this?? Is not user friendly, especially on Live Events and with guests that want to present, which is almost all of our Events

Q. Touchscreens in MTRs: is this a thing? Will it become one? If the ability to launch Whiteboard from an MTR ships, this would be useful I think? Related – Poly is really promoting touchscreens for joining meetings with its still-not-shipping Android-based Teams room solution.

Q. Can additional touchscreens be added to the M/MX-series Crestron units or just to the C-series? Use case would be a medium room where MX in the centre of the table is not easy enough to reach for all, and also retrofits where we have an existing Crestron touch panel on the wall that won’t be needed for video switching anymore when changing to MTR – would be nice to repurpose.

Q. The non-MTR version of the MX mentions a built-in occupancy sensor. Is that used in the MTR version and if so for what? For occupancy activities such as auto-cancel booking do we need a scheduling touch panel + PoE occupancy sensor?

Q. Looking for some more clarity around the CVI with MS Teams and Pexip, BlueJeans and Poly.

Q. When will we see MTR Management rolled out? We heard that the TAP for it was cancelled, and we really would like to try it out.

Q. When will the MTR devices support zoom and webex meeting joins? Will multi video cameras (Not including content camera) be natively supported on these devices. Basically looking for camera switching from within meetings?

Q. Fit to Frame release timeframe?

Q. 3×3 Layout for Front of Room

Q. Cortana

Q. Device Monitoring features of MTR

Q. Virus detection software on MTR.

Q. Can you touch on the on-prem Exchange minimums (Exchange 2013 SP1) for hybrid using O365?

Q. Maybe touch on why Exchange needs to be running on-prem in this scenario in order for MTR to get calendar data? Is it EWS and AD sync with Auto Discovery?

Q. Why are the collab bars and MTR interface not consistent?

Q. Why aren’t MTR capable to integrate other AV peripheral controls for divisible space/multipurpose rooms?

Q. Some MTR manufacturers working on this space says its very limited on what they can do because of the locked down code.

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