MTDAMA Episode Three – Tuesday 16th June 2020


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MTDAMA Episode Three is now done. We had a great overview from Michael and Nate from Microsoft, on Microsoft Teams networking, along with some great questions we discussed. You can find the slides with the answers to the questions below.

Questions from Episode Three

Q. Remote access of a Crestron Flex – need to have a way to run an app like Crestron Remote Control while RDP’d to a remote desktop or a Citrix desktop for vendor support. The Crestron Remote Control app is perfect except you have to be at the desktop – it doesn’t work when RDP’d or using the ICA client.

Q. Generally interested in all kind and size of Teams Room Systems. Especially the next gen announced for second half of 2020.

Q. How to secure and admin Crestron MTR can it use the same process and programs used in computer system deployments of laptops? Any ETA on Direct guest join to Zoom and WebEx?

Q. Any time estimate when Surface Hub and Surface Hub 2 devices will support Modern Authentication?

Q. Any plans to allow for text to be added to the screens from the settings menu?

Q. I would also like to request some better, high resolution, images for the backgrounds.

Q. New layout? 7×7 ?

Q. My biggest pain point is when the MTR console shows on the Front of room TV and the Front of Gallery view shows on the Logitech TAP. Once that happens, I cannot seem to get it to revert.

Q. Would love to hear more on how people manage room systems in general.

Q. How do you manage MTR devices with Intune?

Q. How to enable modern auth on the MTR device?

Q. Will Cisco and Zoom guest feature be available in next MTR release ?

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