How to enable/disable SmartPairing on Polycom Room Environments


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With the latest release of Polycom HDX and Group Series 4.0.2 software, Polycom now support Automatic SmartPairing. However, the automatic mode is disabled by default for security.

Polycom® SmartPairing™ allows you to detect and pair an HDX system from the RealPresence Mobile application on an Apple iPad tablet. After you pair the application and the HDX system, you can use the RealPresence Mobile application to perform these basic functions:

  • Use the application as a remote control for the HDX system.
  • Swipe to transfer a call from the RealPresence Mobile application to the HDX system.

SmartPairing is not enabled by default on the Polycom HDX system. Use Telnet on a computer connected to the LAN to enable SmartPairing. Send the API commands to the HDX system through telnet port 24. For more information about using API commands, refer to the Integrator’s Reference Manual for Polycom HDX Systems.

To enable SmartPairing, follow these steps:

  1. On the computer, open a command line interface.
  2. Start a Telnet session using the Polycom HDX system’s IP address and port number — for example, telnet 24.
  3. Enter the HDX admin password if required.
  4. Type the following to enable SmartPairing: systemsetting uspairingenabled auto SmartPairing in automatic mode is enabled.
  5. You can use the following parameters with the systemsetting uspairingenabled command.

SmartPairing Commands

disabled Disables SmartPairing.

manual Enables SmartPairing in manual mode. You must enter the IP address and admin password in the RealPresence Mobile application in order to pair with the system. Note that in this mode, the RealPresence Mobile application will not disconnect when the mobile device leaves the room.

auto Enables a RealPresence Mobile application to automatically detect and pair with the system when in range. Enter the HDX admin password if required.The application automatically unpairs when out of range.

get Returns the current SmartPairing setting.

Here is SmartPairing in action

Selecting a Room System – just press the third icon in from the right on RealPresence Mobile

  • 20130325-101423.jpg


SmartPairing now enabled between Room environment & iPad

  • 20130325-101526.jpg


SmartPairing dialler – this will then dial the Room Environment and not RealPresence Mobile

  • 20130325-101706.jpg


Transferring a call from RealPresence Mobile to Room Environment

If you are on a call with RealPresence Mobile and want to transfer the call to a Room environment, then there is a small icon at the bottom of the screen in the middle indicating that there is a system with the ability to transfer the call to. Simply swipe the icon straight up the screen and the call will hang up from the RealPresence Mobile and the call will be launched in the room environment.

  • 20130325-102000.jpg


Finally here is the call transferred and the iPad is now the controller for the room environment.

  • 20130325-102153.jpg

Other notes on Polycom SmartPairing

When the HDX system’s screen saver is activated, signaling that the system is asleep, the system must continue to send a signal to the connected monitor in order for the automatic SmartPairing feature to work. To ensure SmartPairing in automatic mode will work even when the HDX system is asleep, configure the system to send a black signal to the monitor when the screen saver starts. Access this setting in the web interface by going to Admin Settings > Monitors > Output Upon Screen Saver Activation and selecting Black.

The maximum number of SmartPairing connections to an endpoint is 6. Six is the maximum number of telnet sessions that can be connected, so if external controllers or other applications are also using the API, the maximum number of SmartPairing connections could be less than 6.

If more than one endpoint is emitting the Smart Pairing signal within the same area, they will likely interfere with each other and the RealPresence Mobile device will not connect. This is not a supported user environment for SmartPairing.

SmartPairing in automatic mode is supported on iPad tablets with RealPresence Mobile application software version 2.1 or later. For more information on SmartPairing, refer to the Polycom RealPresence Mobile documentation at

The above data can be found in the Administrators Guide.


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