How to update MTRs with Windows 1909 Update?


Last Updated on August 10, 2020 by GrahamWalsh

One thing that I mentioned in a previous post was that with the latest MTR app, it unlocked Windows 1909 Release. We could see this in the below screenshot. This was 11 days ago. Now lets look at the series of event log entries on the 7th August 2020. These are under the Skype Room System event log.

Event Viewer

We see the same message again on the 7th August and this time it changes the number of days to defer Windows Updates. The default is 365 days and it changes it here to 268 days.

Event View – SRS

Now that the system has been told to only defer updates newer than 268 days old, it can happily install Windows 1909. On the next nightly reboot, we can see on the 8th August, it has done the OS check and this time found that it is on 18363.418 or higher. So the system is happy. Now where do we see what updates it applied?

Event Viewer – SRS

In the Windows Logs > System Event Viewer we can see the Windows Update Agent task category and we can see on the night of the 7th August after it had changed the number of days during that maintenance window, it then started installing Windows 10 version 1909. This was at 0455 in the morning, so the system would be ready for users come in at normal working hours.

Event Viewer – System

Next we can see in the under the Windows Logs > Setup on the 7th that the package KB4517245 is ready to be installed. This is the Windows 10 1909 Feature Update.

Event Viewer – System

On the following nightly reboot, we can see that the Windows 10 Feature Update had completed but it needs a reboot before it is active. Once rebooted, the KB has successfully installed.

Event Viewer – Setup
Event Viewer – Setup

And that is it. As long as your system can access Windows Update on the internet, it can keep itself up to date. Drivers for peripherals, for example with the Crestron Flex systems, they are installed as part of Windows Updates as Crestron submit a package to Microsoft, so it comes down regularly and updates everything. The latest version that is being rolled out by Crestron/Windows Update is v816.

Any questions, feel free to ask below.

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