Microsoft Lync Call Recording with Polycom Accordent


Last Updated on May 27, 2011 by GrahamWalsh

I saw a tweet this morning on twitter regarding the integrated call recording that is a feature of Lync, if it is enabled by the administrator.  Users can record their own calls, audio, video and content sharing. The recordings are then stored locally on their PC.  They can also be stored on SharePoint.  There is a nice overview of the features here on Ken’s UC Blog.  However, there could be security issues with storing content on users machines and where should the recording be stored.  Polycom have a solution for this with our recent acquisition of Accordent Technologies.  There is a plug in for the Lync client which enables users to record their meetings and then upload to SharePoint making it much easier and more secure.  You can also prevent users from directly uploading.  User content can have an approval process, so only approved content is published.  To find out more information, have a look at or




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