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Last Updated on April 6, 2021 by GrahamWalsh

In this blog post, I show you how to use Microsoft Teams Admin Center and the new Remote Device Sign-In Feature.

One of the key features to this provisioning service is that the device must not have been signed in beforehand. If it has (maybe for testing) then you would need to factory reset it. Just signing out does not cut it. As an example, to reset the Crestron UC2 MM30-TA device, you power the device on and then press the Home key ten times. Full details in the quick start guide here.

To access this new feature, you just head to your Teams Admin Center and then IP Phones and in the top right corner select Actions and drop down and select Provision new devices.

Provisioning new devices

Once you are in this menu, you can then decide to bulk upload the MAC addresses or add them individually.

Add a new device

Once you have added a new device and then have the six digit PIN number, if someone tries to enrol that device that hasn’t been factory reset, then see below.

Adding a single device

Then we need to generate a PIN number for this device. This number is then provided to the person onsite with the devices.

Generating a PIN Number

This is the error you will get if you try and remotely provision a device that was signed in before and not factory reset. Unfortunately the error isn’t that telling, this happens once you enter the six digit code.

Remote Device Sign-In Failure

Once the person onsite has entered the code, you can now head to the Waiting for sign in tab. You will then get a code from the device, you then open a browser (probably best to use an InPrivate Browser) and sign in using the code in Step three below and the room device credentials. The phone will then sign in.

Remote Sign in

Here is a video overview of this demo of remotely signing in.

Any questions, let me know below or contact me on social.

Fellow MVP, Jeff Schertz has a good overview of the remote device provisioning here.

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