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Last Updated on February 22, 2024 by GrahamWalsh

Update as of 22nd February 2024

It appears Microsoft Teams has removed the LinkedIn app for streaming and now you have to use the Custom Streaming app instead. Here is a link to the latest support guide from Microsoft on RTMP streaming out from Microsoft Teams.

With this getting rolled out to everyone, there are some things that must be done first. In summary, Microsoft Teams will allow RTMP streaming. The roadmap item is here. This means users can stream out their Teams meetings to platforms such as LinkedIn Live, YouTube etc.

Allowing users to Live Stream from Microsoft Teams

However, there is a Teams Meeting policy flag that must be enabled via PowerShell first. As you will see below, there is one called LiveSteamingMode and it is set to Disabled by default. Once you set it to Enabled, wait the obligatory 24 hours or so to replicate.

Get-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity Global
Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -LiveStreamingMode Enabled

There is another small caveat, it may not be in your tenant just yet. According to Message Center ID MC268726, roll out should be completed by mid-February 2022 for standard and government tenants.

Adding the LinkedIn app to Microsoft Teams meetings

Once enabled in your tenant, you can head to your Microsoft Teams desktop app and add the App to a meeting. See below for the screenshots. You can use a web browser version of Teams to do this, but when hosting the meeting/streaming, you must use the desktop app on Windows or Mac.

The other condition is that you must invite another presenter and allow registrations for the webinar. You cannot stream live events. Full docs from Microsoft here on the policy.

Adding an App to Microsoft Teams
Adding the LinkedIn app to a Meeting
Searching for a meeting to add the LinkedIn App to
Save and add this App to the Meeting

In the desktop app, you can also open the meeting you have already created and click on the + icon to add an app to the meeting.

Add LinkedIn App to a scheduled meeting

LinkedIn also has some rules around who can host Live Events. Have a look at the criteria here. For example, you must have your account in Creator mode. There is a good guide from LinkedIn on running Live Events here.

When you start your meeting, you’ll notice you now have a LinkedIn icon along the top rail. If you click on that, it will open a page on the right-hand side and you can see the status. As you can see, it is not working for me yet as my policy hasn’t been updated yet.

Teams Meeting with LinkedIn app

The error above reads the following “Unknown error. Uh oh, we can’t seem to find the content you’re looking for.” About as much use as a chocolate fireguard. I don’t know if this is down to the policy now being in place yet, or I have setup the Live Event on LinkedIn first. There is no user documentation yet, hence the blog post.

Now when I add the LinkedIn Live App to a meeting, I am presented with this window. This must mean that my tenant is now ready. Maybe the error above was me not waiting enough.

LinkedIn Live Settings

Once you have entered a description and added an image, you see this below. All we need to do is click on Prepare to go live in the top right.

Microsoft Teams App with LinkedIn Live

Then you can see the post on LinkedIn too

LinkedIn Live post

Once you are ready to go live, join your Microsoft Teams meeting as normal, then press the LinkedIn Live app and you’ll see the below

Microsoft Teams Meeting ready to go live

Once you select Go Live, then you’ll have to confirm with the confirmation message below.

LinkedIn Live Confirmation

You can then head over to your LinkedIn post and see that status. As you can see below, the top left caption is Waiting for broadcast

LinkedIn Post

Once you are live, you see a banner at the top of your Teams client

Microsoft Teams Live Streaming

This is what it looks like on LinkedIn. As I was the only person on the call, it wasn’t showing anything. When I added another person in, then that showed up on the live feed. Also when I shared content, that also showed up.

LinkedIn Live

Here is a link to the test I did. Not very exciting I know.

Manually Setting up a LinkedIn Live Event

You can also setup the event in LinkedIn as well. There are two URLs you can use, Now or Schedule.

LinkedIn Live Now | LinkedIn Schedule

See the steps below where I schedule a Live Event in seven simple steps.

Scheduling a Live Event within LinkedIn

I can then Manage Streams and select the Prepare to go live button to get the RTMP details.

Manage streams

You can then select the region where you want to stream to and select Get URL. You will then have your Stream URL and Stream Key

Get Stream URL Details

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