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Last Updated on January 27, 2021 by GrahamWalsh

With Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR), you can join a Zoom Meeting using Guest Join Access which I’ve detailed here. However, I got asked the question, can you join a Zoom Webinar from a MTR as it’s a slightly different meeting type? We know that Teams Live Events is slightly different, and an MTR can join that as a presenter, not an attendee, which I’ve detailed here. The other option would be using an MTR with BYOD/M (Bring Your Own Device/Meeting) capabilities such as Crestron Flex Advanced Series or Logitech TAP with Swytch devices.

Let’s get the answer, can an MTR join a Zoom Webinar? Yes, it can. Just include the MTR resource account or forward the invite to the room. Then just click the Join button.

I created a new invite and just pasted the webinar URL into the location and boy of the invite.

Meeting Invite with Zoom webinar

Here’s the invite below on the MTR console.

Direct Guest Join Access for Zoom

So what does it look like for the end user when they hit the Join button? Well in my test invite from Richard, I had to authenticate to join this webinar. This is probably a setting on the Zoom webinar side. To type your credentials in, on the Center of Room (CoR) console in the bottom left (highlighted below) you can bring the Front of Room (FoR) screen over and use the CoR touch console to enter your details, if required.

Direct Guest Join Access – Authenticate

You might have to play whack-a-mole too

Authenticate to join webinar

And then you are in the webinar

Direct Guest Join on a Zoom webinar

Now my initial role was attendee, so when I used the CoR console to unmute myself, I received the following error, as expected. I’ve magnified the error message for ease of viewing below.

Unable to mute during a webinar

If I am promoted to a panelist, then I’m able to unmute and contribute to the webinar.

Any questions, let me know below

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