Microsoft Teams won’t sign in to a Microsoft Teams Room on Windows


Last Updated on October 28, 2021 by GrahamWalsh

Have you ever had a situation where a Microsoft Teams account will not sign in on the Microsoft Teams Room on Windows platform? Yet it works fine on via the web browser (which is my default test tool) at

Diving into the MTR logs is not the best fun. You can find out how to get the MTR logs in this post. However, you might not find the answer you are looking for.

Working with a customer this week, they had some working accounts and some not working. I suggested swapping around the identities to ensure it wasn’t the Microsoft Teams Room on Windows that was issue. The working account kept working, so that ruled out a hardware/software issue on the Microsoft Teams Room.

My next suggestion was to compare the room accounts. I suggested this method which I blogged about before. After several eyes viewing the outputs, it was discovered that the ProxyAddress was not populated with a SIP Address. Once that was added and synced with the cloud, the accounted signed into the Microsoft Teams Room.

DisplayName                            : Flex Room 02
ProxyAddresses                         : {, X500:/o=Domain/ou=Exchange
                                         Administrative Group (ABCDEFGH12ABCDE)/cn=Recipients/Flex_Room

It seems that even when in Teams Only mode, it still requires the SIP Address, even though this could be left over from the Skype for Business days. Why it requires this, I’m not sure, maybe for backward compatibility.

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