MTDAMA Episode 24


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With this episode, we decided to record the APAC event so that others can catch up in their own time. Check out the recording below.

Slides from Episode 24

Episode 24 APAC Recording

We also held this session during Teams Nation for EMEA/US time zone. It was also the first time Michael; Jimmy and I were together for the first time. We presented from the Enterprise Connect show floor before it opened using the newly certified Neat Board for Microsoft Teams.

Michael, Jimmy, Graham testing out preshow, along with Adam Curry & co.

Q&A from Episode 24

Q. Is the Teams Room premium licence required for Intelligent Video streams?
A. Short answer, we don’t know yet. Possibly/maybe

Q. Any rechargeable wireless pads in the roadmap?
A. No, Microsoft do not want a wireless controller in the room. It is a key part to a meeting room system, so being wired, ensure it works all of the time.

Q. What are your thoughts on a lifecycle perspective on MTRoA? We are hesitant to use them on a larger scale due to “will compute be enough in 3-4-5 yrs.?. Graham Walsh¬†what is the forecast for lifecycle for Neat Board?
A. Microsoft guidance is that MTRoA has a three to five-year shelf life. The Neat Board being MTRoA as well, would have the same expectancy.

Q. With spatial audio coming, could you call out which audio solutions support stereo for it?
A. Nothing confirmed as yet as to which devices will support this.

Q. Is anyone interested in some basics of stereo room audio to understand upcoming spatial audio better?
A. Yes please, we’ll get Harald on the show again to talk about spatial audio in a few months.

Q. Bearing in mind the messaging previously about common user experience and feature parity between MTRoA and MTRoW, has there been any discussion about the diverging interfaces after the last updates?
A. No, the idea is that they align, so users can walk into a Windows or Android room and be able to use the console. End users should not need to know what the OS is behind the scenes.

Q. Not sure if it is new, and may have worked before, but Biamp + Yealink announced a partnership as well.
A. Full details here

Some closing comments from attendees
  • Nice to see you all together and having fun!
  • Excited in person events are coming back.
  • Always a useful session. Thanks chaps
  • Thanks Guys, it was great again!
  • Just encountered how funny you guys can be while being in the same physical space
  • Thank you, a lot of interesting information on new and upcoming features.
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