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See below for the slides from Episode 25 of the MTDAMA that was held on Tuesday 19th April 2022. Thanks all for contributing to the session. See you next month.

Question from Episode 25

Q. What is one use case of Shared Channels?
A. Teams connect will help orgs with split tenancies either via acquisition, merges etc. or pub sector that is where the lot of asks came from as context switching didn’t work

Q. Are there any docs available for deploying MS Teams Booking Panels in bulk?
A. Not really. While there isn’t much to it, it’s still a bit labor intensive. Work is being done for “sometime down the road” to simplify/automate the device sign in/provisioning.

Q. Can Booking panels be deployed remotely via TAC? Or does it require someone to be there physically to set it up?
A1. Requires someone physically to type in a code. (Not a username/password, just a code).
A2. Alternatively, users can use a Username/Password on the device or use the web portal

Q. Is transcription with recognised voice available without Intelligent Speakers? Ie for congress audio systems fed into teams.
A. No. There is proprietary Microsoft IP in the speakers. We share that design and algorithms with our partners who create the hardware

Q. Teams Casting on Windows app has appeared…then disappeared, is this a known issue?
A. Yes, known issue and it should be rolling out end of April again.

Q. Does the capacity feature have to be on a certain Android OS version (Teams Panel)?
A. Should be on any version as long as the MTRoA app is on the latest.

Q. Is Teams Casting using BTLE beacon?
A. Yes it is using BTLE for discovery.
A2. See this post from Lars

Q. Do we think we’ll see a low cost “cast only” mtr option without camera/audio? something like the new Yealink product for zoom room digital signage. we have some TVs in common spaces that users want to use for display content in office, but not necessarily a hybrid meeting. This is the product I’m referring to
A. Not aware of anything.

Q. I just noticed a lot of latency while casting from mobile to MTR. Is there room for improvement, anything that is being worked on? Or is it may be up to our network that it takes ~8-10 sec. to cast…so not in session, only the initiation of cast
A. That is fairly normal. Teams service needs to set up a channel of communications between the devices, start screen capture engine, 

Q. Can a Teams Panel pair with any vendor MTRoA?
A. Yes it can. You can pair a Crestron panel with Poly Studio X30 for example.

Q. Do you know of any problems using task scheduler to run a PS script to keep an external BT device to stay as the default device, disabling onboard BT device? pnputil /enable/DeviceID . My task doesn’t run, the script runs manually.
A. Other scripts should work fine. Make sure it is set to run whenever any user logs on.

Q. Hearing any discussions around an option to increase the quality of Teams Recordings to be HD, to potentially eliminate the need for separate lecture capture hardware/software in Higher Ed or for Training Facilities? The low-res is currently a pain point for using the Recording as a lecture capture option.
A. Not heard anything on this.

Q. Is it on the roadmap to support multiple cameras in MTRoA? For example, Poly Studio X70.
A. Nothing official on this yet. Might be more applicable on devices such as Logitech RoomMate.

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