MTDAMA Episode 27 – InfoComm Special


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Well, we did it again, another live session in person with Jimmy and I at the show and Michael remote.

Q&A from the session

Q. Is everyone seeing casting icon now in Mac and Windows?
A. Everyone says they have it now

Q. Is there a link for the partner training?

Q. Is there a way to set an MTR start and end time daily schedule (MTR Windows) to avoid the touch screen going to sleep? The Pc going to sleep it looks like
A. Nothing in the system, maybe use an EDID minder?

Q. Any updates on the noise suppression within MTR? I know we spoke about on twitter Graham with Ilya as well… You must change it on the xml.
A. The only user changeable is on the Down arrow next to the Mute icon and that is per meeting.

Q. On the call page, how do you show the ‘+’ for when making international calls on Windows MTRs.
A. Press and long hold 0 produces the + icon. Alternatively, dial 00 and then the country code.

Q. Is it possible to control the MTR suggesting using Cortana on display?
A. You can’t change the wording, but you can disable it altogether. See here

Q. We’ve noticed that streaming YouTube videos in a Teams Meeting perform way better in PowerPoint Live vs sharing a window/desktop. However, this never seems to work on MTRoA, but does work in MTRoW (though probably not officially supported). Any idea if this is coming to MTRoA?
A. I tested Sharing Computer Sound on Windows desktop into a meeting with MTRoA and works fine. Also, when video embedded in PowerPoint, plays fine on MTRoA device.

Q. Does Casting use Bluetooth to share?
A. No, just Bluetooth for discovery, then starts a Teams call, so users on their devices must have network connectivity.

See you next month

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