MTDAMA Episode 42 – October 2023

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Thanks for joining us this month. Below are the Slides and Q&A from the session

Slides from Episode 42

Q&A from Episode 42

Q. Is the Crestron multi-camera solution fully supported and certified?
A. Microsoft is supporting this and obviously Crestron. It is using the HD-CONV-300 units for ingest.

Q. Where can we get more information on AI Cameras and features?
A. During the APAC Teams Rooms Masterclass, Greg Baribault will be presenting an overview with session 1 registration here and session 2 here. Session 1 is live and session two will be a replay.

Q. On the MAXHUB, it mentions BYOD ingest on the panel. Anyone confirm if it really supports BYOD?
A. No, it is just HDMI ingest via the Panel.

Q. How many screens will the MAXHUB MTR-W device support?
A. Just a single screen

Q. What processor is in the MAXHUB package?
A. Intel i3, first MTR to use this. The i3 is newer gen and is faster than other/older i5 MTR computers like for example a HP compute with I5

i3 vs i5 CPU Comparison

Q. Anyone know when breakout rooms will be supported on MTRs?
A. According to the public roadmap, it will be March 2024 for MTR-W devices.

Q. Is there any news on attending LIVE Event as an attendee will be available for MTR-A?
A. Nothing as yet, first for MTR-W devices. However, Live Events is EOL, it’s now Town Hall, so development focus will shift over to that I guess for MTR-A devices.

Q. For Teams panels, is the QR code is still single tenant only, right?
A. Yes, must be in the same tenant as the Panel account.

Q. Do you think the panel device have to be logged out and back in to pick up the QR code setup? I’ve got several that are at the right App level that do not show the QR, but some others I’ve had to factory reset and a few new that do show it.
A. They should show up shortly after the update. I’d reboot them and see if it shows up.

Q. Could we hope for MS to abandon XML and conf. profiles to have a Teams device policy that cover booth MTRoW and MTRoA ? 
A. We can only hope

Q. Has the Android 9 Teams Phone certification date been extended?
A. Yes, Microsoft has extended the date to March 30 2024 as per here.

Q. Does the Pro Management Portal require require Global Admin rights?
A. No, you can have delegated permission. Just need a Global Admin to enroll first time to the Pro Portal.

Q. Would be interesting to know which Teams devices will support “Intelligent Speaker” soon, to allow Voice Recognition of in-room participants (useful for Intelligent Recap, Copilot) or if Microsoft has any plans for a “Cloud Intelligent Speaker”.
A. Yealink SmartVision 60 is first and then the Jabra Panacast 50 when both are connected to a MTR-W device. Here are other “speakers” that can do it along with how to set it up.

Q. Sorry missed the part about having to upgrade to windows 11, do we know how soon that will be?
A. November 20th 2023 is the deadline. More details here.

Q. To be sure, in case you have a focus room with Teams Display + Teams Panel using the same resource account. Is the shared device license the right license? Or Teams Rooms Pro license?
A. Yes I’ve tested this and it works fine with the Teams Shared Device License.

Q. My HP Slices G2 don’t support windows 11 so that should be interesting.
A. They will remain on Windows 10 until the end of support for WIndows 10 in October 2025. Same with Lenovo Hub 500, Crestron Flex B/C Series with Skull Canyon NUCs. Probably first gen Logitech NUCs along with Surface in SmartDocks.

Q. Does anyone have info about the BYOD room management / reporting that was announced recently? If there’s no compute, where are the signals coming from?
A. The Crestron AirMedia receiver is a appliance/compute more or less and connects with the Teams client on your pc. It will then show up and get signals into the Pro Portal.

Q. Will the Crestron Airmedia in BYOD MTR mode support dual screen?
A. No, just single screen.

Q. Are there any Wireless Screen Sharing devices that support Dual Displays?
A. The Barco ClickShare CX50 Gen 2 supports dual screen, but not certified as a BYOD device. Video overview here

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