MTDAMA Episode Thirteen – Monday 19th April 2021


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Another jam-packed session, so thanks to everyone for joining us.

Questions from Episode Thirteen

Q. Are TAC features already rolled out to all tenants ww? Didn’t see the alerting yet…
A. I’ve not seen it three of my different global tenants yet. Don’t know when it’s due. The documentation is ready!!

Q. Speaking of TAC. With the release of MTR on GCCH with the latest version of MTR, will TAC have a devices section in GCCH as well? Or is that upcoming?
A. We’ve been led to believe devices will be in GCCH TAC, no clue when though.

Q. Where can I find the replay of the EPOS Webinar on Intelligent Speakers?
A. Here is the recording – click me

Q. Does this latest build include a fix for the beaconing / proximity join or is that purely a desktop client issue? If so, any ETA for that?
A. That is a desktop client issue. I haven’t heard of an ETA, but I hope it’s soon.

Q. Do we assign standard teams user license to MTR resource accounts? instead of MTR standard licenses?
A. You should use Meeting Room licenses if the device is a shared device

Q. Seems like a packed agenda… but one thing I would like to ask… Cortana on Teams Rooms. In the start you could enable it on the system. as i remember you will need to create a xml file now… can anyone point me in the right direction
A. You can enable/disable Cortana via the TAC. Just remember it is still preview, so only US English and Rally Mics.

Q. What is the link for the Teams Room Labs?
A. Here is the PowerShell lab –

Q. Can I use Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (WICD) for MTRs?
A. Rob said… I’ve had good results (100 device deployment) with deployment via Intune using WICD. When I get the time, I plan to blog building out the WICD method

Q. Can you share the video of Cloudway’s deployment of 1,500 MTRs?
A. Here is the video link

Q. Microsoft Teams Network Planning link?
A. Here is a video overview

Q. Stale Hansen – was ExpressRoute implemented for this rollout, if so would you talk about the lessons learned?
A. It is not advised to ExpressRoute with Teams Meetings, much better to use direct Internet connections

Q. Ståle Hansen – by the way, Microsoft doesn’t support upgrade process of stopping the automatic updates. We are doing the same and had this comment from a MS Engineer.
A. That is correct, not officially supported, but for a large deployment it had to restricted. This is a feature of Microsoft Teams Room Premium where they have a Ring feature.

Q. Does the upgrade process on the Android MTR device work similar to IP Phones where we see the vendor update on TAC and push it from our manual process on TAC?
A. Yes that is correct, you can manually push the update from TAC.

Q. How are MTRoA updates applied to the devices?
A. For example, if you had 1.0 installed and 1.1 was released. It is not automatically pushed down to the devices. When 1.2 is released, 1.1 will be pushed down. To update manually, you can do this via TAC.

Q. With the latest MTRoA update, do the devices support BYOD/Device Pass Through?
A1. No, this is vendor specific, and they are waiting for HDMI Ingest which should be released in April/May
A2. Yealink will have a box to do content ingest/BYO on A20/A30

Q. Since the update on the latest MRToA, I’ve lost the camera control/framing from the Poly. How do I get this back?
A. This is vendor specific. Someone mentioned it is there for Yealink and for Poly, you need to swipe out from the of the touch panel.

Q. Some comments on Shure P300
A. 100% concur on Shure. We just put the P300 and MXA910s into two large rooms. Looked at Biamp as well but while we worked with an integrator to install everything, the Shure stood out because we could also support it ourselves. Also, Dante works on any switch whereas Biamp prefers AVB which requires specific switches – I found that annoying. Shure is priced like Creston: NOT cheap. But I the flexibility, support and longevity of the components I believe will serve us well. Another thing that set Shure apart that we made use of was the MXA MUTE button. We wanted ceiling mics but didn’t want to lose the ability for users to mute the room. A combo of MXA MUTE and an additional Crestron 70-series touch panel worked very nicely.

Board Room with Shure Ceiling Mics – 6 Zones
Here’s one of our rooms with Crestron CX100 and Shure gear. The Shure mute buttons are the tiny green buttons. There is another Crestron display at the front of the room

Q. With the new layout options for MTR, do the two display solutions still have a future or is it all going to one big screen with dynamic content and video side by side?
A. Yes, there is a great future for dual displays 🙂

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