MTDAMA Episode Twenty – Tuesday 23rd November 2021


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The Ignite 2021 Fall Recap

Wow, what a bumper session this month. It slightly overran on time. Thanks to all that attended and a special thanks to our guest speaker, Ilya Bukshteyn.

Below are the slides from the session.

Q&A from Episode Twenty

Q. Is there a good blog post on Front Row and Layouts coming?
A. Good post here on the Microsoft Tech Community

Q. Where is the MTR Roadmap published?
A. The public roadmap is here at and Graham did a recap here.

Q. Will there be a way to define a layout as default? Say via TAC?
A. This is due to appear at some point for MTRoW, or so I’ve heard.

Q. Is there an approximate ETA for dynamic view (video across two screens) on GA as opposed to public preview?
A. This should make the next release in December with all things being OK.

Q. Also, when is public preview available for MTR?
A. It will use the standard public preview mechanism, available shortly. Graham did a video on how to set it up here.

Q. What was the overall user Feedback on Cortana on main view by default? Would be great also to have the option to change this via TAC e.g. back to Share Content button?
A1. The idea behind having the UI consistent, is so that every room is the same, regardless of location or vendor. That is why CoR console cannot be changed. However, we realised with the removal of the Present button, it freaked many out, so we (Microsoft) are looking into what options could be presented on the CoR display.
A2. Consistent Control experience is very important.  Between device manufacturers, our users get confused over Camera control (PTZ, etc)
A3. Fair amount of the negative reaction to Cortana was also seeing the default policy land in “ambient” listening mode, even though most customers didn’t have certified audio devices to support it.
A4. You don’t need a specific certified audio device for Cortana, the only requirement is a Teams certified mic or speakerphone.
A5. Cortana ambient requires a specific device. Michael Tressler has previously provided the approved list.
A6. You need a “Cortana certified” microphone for Cortana if you want wake word support, e.g. “Hey Cortana”. Without one of those certified mics, you have to tap the Cortana icon
A7. Here is the link for certified devices for the “Hey Cortana” feature.

Q. Regarding Android Base OS Versions, are OEMs being advised to spec their solutions to handle future versions of Android? The world is on Android 13 I think. MTR-As are either on 8.1, 9 or 10 depending on the OEM.
A. It is so hard to define a minimum spec OS, the amount of work it takes for an OEM to test and update the OS is a huge effort. We (Microsoft) encourage all OEMs to be on the latest possible and ensure the devices will get upgraded ASAP.

Q. Is the Cortana feature for MTRoW still rolling out to tenants? We see a lot of customers that still don’t see this feature. As far as I know it should be visible on the MTR app without any global admin or Teams admin coming in between. I know that you have to enable this feature on the MTR itself or in TAC.
A. You need to make sure the Windows system is set to en-US locale for now. It will roll out to more English languages soon.

Q. Thanks for the 5-year quote – it has been a concern when discussing the purchase of MTRoA devices, how long a non-windows device will actually be supported, Great to be able to set some sort of expectations.
A. So, the 5-year quote was the aim to support MTRoA and MTRoW devices. From memory, Android was 3 years and Windows was 5 years.

Q. Cortana is still only available with a locale of en-us?
A1. Yes, for now, more rolling out soon in other English locales.
A2. Also, important to run PowerShell command to set en-us for skype user to get Cortana button to show, caught me out.

Q. Will Surface Hub coordinated joins be available with Android based MTR systems?
A. Coordinated join with Hub on MTR-A; in backlog but will likely take to H2 CY22

Q. I’m just worried, Graham will need to adapt his (great!!!) T-Shirt layouts with Cortana!!
A. Plenty of designs available covering all bases just in case 🙂 Merch Store with Cortana

Q. What would be the preferred screen setup for the future regarding the layouts: Single or dual screen?
A. Either works great, single, dual, LED wall etc.

Q. Not so important question, but will the local Skype user be replaced in the future by a local Teams user on MTRoW?
A. Nothing planned as yet.

Q. Question I was asked today, but not had chance to research yet – does all the functionality of these services work with Direct Guest Join?
A. All the features are the same across Zoom and Webex. Single Screen, Receive Content etc. Not all of the platform features can be exposed via WebRTC.

Q. So, anything that works in the web interface of those services for Direct Guest Join, works in MTR?
A1. The Direct Guest Join is the web interface of those services, but they are customised, so some elements are removed as they are not suitable for a MTR, such as showing chat as it is not easy to interact with.
A2. Not necessarily, due to form factor, interface, etc. each vendor provides a different WebRTC site for each room vendor. So, for example, Zoom wrote a site for MTR, and Microsoft wrote a Teams site for Zoom Rooms
A3. So, the Zoom client in MTR is not the same client you reach from an Edge browser on Windows

Q. So, essentially there is no definitive list of what works and what doesn’t?
A. Correct, nothing written up as of now. As mentioned before, voice, video and receiving content as the main features.

Q. Anyone want Direct Guest Join for Lifesize or RingCentral Video?
A1. No, Apple Facetime 🙂
A2. We just replace Lifesize with MTRs when we come across them
A3. I’ve not seen Lifesize devices or Cloud Services in ages.
A4. Not being asked for that I hear, just Zoom and WebEx which we have.
A5. No need for Lifesize or RingCentral here.
A6. Never had the request for either.
A7. Occasional requests for RingCentral, none for Lifesize
A8. Honestly, when zoom was introduced, it met most of our needs
A9. In the end all customers are migrating to 3-4 global UC platforms. So, no need to support all meeting services in the world.
A10. Lifesize is mostly sold by Audio/Video-Integrators trying to keep customers off the IT-purchasing department. But it is an uphill battle with no chance of winning…
A11. One I get asked about is webinar platforms like On24 or whatever it is called
A12. Direct join on Android for Zoom first 🙂
A13. Zero requests for Lifesize or Ring central compatibility. Lots of users looking for Zoom and Webex guest join on MTRoA
A14. The other request is MTR based content ingest on DGJ

Q. Will Webex and guest join ever go dual screen.
A. This is being researched shortly on getting this functionality.

Q. We are using Pexip gateway to allow externals to join into our meetings with “whatever” they use. If the Interop would be included into the MTRP service, we wouldn’t need any guest join aside from Zoom & WebEx?

Q. When is Teams Casting coming for the desktop client?
A. Coming soon, testing is happening now internally.

Q. Will it be possible to add rings from TAC for MTRoW and MTRoA? I know this feature will come for Teams rooms premium. A lot of customers want to test a new app release or windows update release before all devices are updated

Q. Where can I get a copy of the companion mode gif?
A. See below.

Q. The irony is how many years have we spent in meetings asking people to pay attention and stop playing on their devices in a meeting
A. Very true, but everyone has their mobile/cell with them.

Q. Does anyone know when whiteboard will be available across organisations?
A. No idea on this yet

Q. Is room booking from the MTR user interface coming?
A. No, Teams Panel is that application. Teams Display will get the Booking user interface.

Q. Did Yealink announce their 65″ Board at Ignite?
A1. Yes it was on their landing page videos.
A2. Yealink meeting board 65 looks sharp

Q. Will there be a certification or recommendation from MS for touch enabled screens to work with MTR? We are always offered to use “smart touch devices” that comes with an overload of capabilities as we only would want to use the whiteboard.
A1. With MTR, you should be able to use any touch display that works with Windows
A2. I’ve used IIYama, Clevertouch, and others. If it is a HID USB connected to the MTR
A3. Iiyama would be so great but are terrible reg. power management….
A4. Setting up a touchscreen with MTRoW detailed here.
A5. I use Viewsonic TD2230 in my home lab. For portable monitors, I have 2 UPerfect touch monitors. I love the one that runs on battery

Q. Any plans to certify all in one display from companies like Aver, LG, and Avocor
A1. No plans to certify touch screen monitors or any other AIO displays.

Q. What capacity limitations with intelligent cameras?  How many people supported?
A. I think the minimum for intelligent cameras should be active speaker in the room and the whole room/group frame as PIP

Q. How will users know their voice for Intelligent Speakers?
A. Within your Teams client, you will record your voice fingerprint. US tenants today, more to follow.

Q. Is more info avail on roadmap item “IP Based audio/video support for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows” ?
A. This is the Shure Intellimex DSP with Crestron C100 MTRoW for IP Audio and IP Video is the new Huddly L1 camera where it is using ONVIF.

Q. AV over IP support. What devices are certified?
A. Shure Intellimix and Huddly L1

Q. Will “Switch between multiple video cameras in Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows” support more than 2 cameras? (e.g. Higher Ed example of Front of Room, Rear of Room, Document Camera).
A. No further information on this as yet.

Q. Why is Teams Real-time call quality analytics not supported by launch for MTRoW? On the docs site it’s not mentioning MTRoW here.
A. Not sure if its officially supported but I’ve used this with the room accounts

Q. Is Conditional Access policy support for Compliant Devices (MEM capability) on MTRoW already fully supported and when is it expected as GA?
A. CA is supported. We currently recommend only using Location-based.

Q. Reg. NDI Video. Will there come better resolutions? Currently only 640*350 or so, which is not so great for big events with large screens

Q. Is there a way to query the status of MTR devices (camera, micro, …) via PowerShell or graph?
A. You can do remote PowerShell directly to an MTR to pull some of this. See here. Stayed tuned for more…

Q. Still not a lot of documentation on SIP gateway?
A. Lots of document updates coming very soon.

Q. Please please please add Azure AD Premium P1 to the Common Area Phone Licence SKU
A. It is being added to the MTR licenses, so I guess, watch this space maybe?

Q. Can I get my calendar in portrait mode on the Thinksmart View?
A1. More portrait support is coming to support Neat Frame – see here.
A2. The inability to view the home screen and subsequently the calendar deprecates its usability when it is not in a call.
A3. We removed portrait view on the Lenovo because it only worked in meetings and not on the rest of the UX. we are doing portrait for the whole UX for Neat and then that goes to all other Teams Displays too

Q. Yealink AIO 24 – cannot wait for this to be available.  Great device
A1. Ilya confirmed it is a great looking device, many ways to position it etc.
A2. Rooms without video are not an option for our org moving forward.  Yealink AIO 24 will be great for “individual” / phone booth rooms

Q. Is there going to be more support for Teams Displays in PowerShell as it needs it!
A. No idea, maybe when the next release is available?

Q. Will there be a standalone license SKU for the teams panel?
A1. Technically you could anything with a Teams license for basic use.
A2. Still need to consider a CAP grade license for Teams Panel if you want to grab all the rooms

Two difficult questions that were answered….
Q. Are you seeing delays on MTRs being supplied?

A1. Yes
A2. Yes
A3. Yes
A4. Only for Crestron
A5. Depends on the vendor, but yes.
A6. Yes
A7. Yes, 10-15% of products are delayed
A8. Seeing 4 months delay
A9. Not for us, i was surprised how available Yealink MTRoW was.
A10. Yes
A11. Android OK, Windows Bad
A12. Order now and it usually takes 3 months before you have it.
A13. One vendor 16 weeks
A14. YES, one vendor will be 6 months out from order placed in September
A15. Seeing 6-month delays.
A16. Biggest issue is the hybrid solutions like the UC-CX100-T. No alternatives
A17. Crestron is at Feb at very best
A18. Supply chain yes 4 to 14 weeks we are being told
A19. Also, a shortage on high end audio components from some vendors and control systems
A20. It is delaying our return to site effort.
A21. Crestron have 21-week lead times here in Australia.
A22. Problems with HP as well but we don’t sell much HP yet
A23. No significant issues with Poly, Logi or Yealink

Q. What are people's thoughts on Yealink devices? Are you afraid of deploying/using them due to assorted reasons?

A1. No
A2. Not really
A3. No, we are doing TONS of Yealink
A4. No, but only doing a small amount
A5. We worry about support since we support our clients’ deployments.
A6. No, we mainly provide Yealink
A7. Not a concern for us
A8. Not any more
A9. In our Asia region: no
A10. Yealink is our dominant resell OEM currently
A11. They have security whitepapers for everything they do.
A12. Yealink is days to some weeks. Good overall availability so far, but the coming period in China with corona issues the forecast looks more weeks to months
A13. There are only two Yealink employees outside of China. They are in the US.
A14. I think their MTR design with single CAT5/6 to table with the VCH port, and that supports content as well on MTRoW.
A15. No. Lenovo is also Chinese, and all hardware and tech is made in China
A16. Only some US HQ based customers don’t want the risks of Chinese pollical involvement. No data or tech issues, more political debate.
A17. The VCH port on their entire range is the best thing ever. That and DSP built into the camera
A18. Yelaink is not yet considered a “brand” . This is more important.
A18a. They are the biggest SIP phone vendor globally supposedly. Much bigger company than they appear. Like 2500 staff and 80% R&D
A19. No issues with Yealink – Best availability at moment
A20. Vendor support is not that great in our region
A21. No issues with Yealink
A21. Got better info from Randy direct than Yealink at Commserve and UCExpo

Q. Is the Yealink AIO24 Vesa mountable?
A1. Don’t think so, designed to sit on a desk as it has Qi charging at the base.
A2. No. The base is the compute and speaker and a phone charger and USB Hub

Q. For subsequent sessions, is it possible to get more insight into troubleshooting teams calls and analyzing CQD?
A. We can investigate that for a future session.

Q. Has anyone else having issues with BT connectivity for Proximity Join?
A. We have been fitting external BT Dongles to overcome the limitations.

Q. Has anyone deployed MTR with client’s legacy Aver cameras, such as Soundbar VB342, if so, what MTR OEM provider was used? we have a client with 8 rooms all using Aver Cameras and the client wants to keep these but migrate to MTR.
A. That camera says it is Teams Certified, so should be able to add a compute and console and re-use the camera. See here.

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