MTR Out of the Box Experience and Windows Updates


Last Updated on July 1, 2020 by GrahamWalsh

One of the things I’ve seen recently is that systems are being powered on out of the box the and it might have an older Microsoft Teams Room App version. Since version, there is a block in place to prevent Windows Build 1909 from being installed. Windows build 1909 is going through testing and evaluation with Microsoft at present. Once it is certified, this table will be updated.

So what’s the point of this blog post. Well if you let a system connected to the Internet with build and it gets Windows Updates first, then it will pull down 1909 and bork your MTR. Not a good place to be in. However, there is a simple fix. Just disable Windows Update. To do this you can follow these steps. Power on the system without it being connected to the Internet.

Step One – Exit the Out of Box experience

Step Two – Sign in to the Windows Admin Desktop Side

Step Three – Enter Windows Settings


Step Four – Windows Updates Advanced Settings

Step Five – Disable Windows Updates

Step Six – Open the Microsoft Store

You can now connect the device to the internet and proceed.

Step Seven – Get Windows Store Updates

Make sure you have all updates done. Note you will not see the Microsoft Teams Rooms app.

Step Eight – Reboot

Now you will see that it has updated the MTR app and will have the 1909 block in place.

Step Nine – Sign into the MTR

Step Ten – Re-enable Windows Updates

Now turn this off and you can reboot/sign out and back to the Skype account and let the MTR take care of the updates as per this guide.

Any comments, let me know.

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